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Clemson/Airzona Open Game Thread

The Tigers are looking to bounce back from a bad loss to USC, and a home game against a smaller school would have been the ideal game for the Tigers right now. Instead, the Tigers face a tough task with a road game at Arizona.

Both the Tigers (4-3) and the Wildcats (6-3) have lost three of their last five games, but the Wildcats' losses have been against much tougher competition (Mississippi State, San Diego State, Florida). The bottom line is this:
Going into this one, it looks like Arizona is the better team.

The Tigers have struggled to get the ball in the paint for much of the last few games. That needs to change if we want to stay in this one in the 2nd half. It would be nice to see Andre recover from his shooting slump that he had against USC and shoot like he did against Iowa, but we can't keep living and dieing by the 3. We have to do a better job pounding the ball inside.

Feel free to use the comments as as game thread.

Game tips at 4 on Fox Sports Net.