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B1G-ACC Challenge: Clemson vs Iowa

Right now we're getting the right guys in the right spots in the motion offense, but they just can't shoot the ball and the youngsters won't be ready to take over a game themselves. We need a shooter, which I've said for years now, and we need a scorer like Stitt badly right now to lead them. We've got several guys who cannot create their own shots and need good screens (talking to you Booker) to get them open in the 1/2 court.

I'm really hopeful Devin decides to play basketball this year, because right now he looks even lazier than his brother. I'm hopeful Milton gets his mind right and plays basketball at some point too, because its not a lack of talent that holds him back, its his head.

I think our perimeter defense has been hot garbage at times, and I guess thats to be expected with your best defenders being freshmen. They still tend to get their feet too close to a defender which opens a lane, and hopefully tonight you'll see some of that cleaned up, because the interior defense is worse (talking to you Booker).

Look to see tonight whether Clemson makes enough effort inside to get to the FT line at all and creates more turnovers in transition.

Those of you watching tonight's games can use this as your open comment thread.