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Clemson vs Coastal Carolina Tonight @ 9:00PM on ESPN3

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The Tigers look to rebound from their poor performance against College of Charleston as they take on Coastal Carolina tonight.  Coastal Carolina is no pushover, and may actually be a better team than College of Charleston.  Coastal has already beaten LSU this year, the same LSU team that beat Ga Tech last week.  They have size up front and on the wings, and their backcourt is led by their lead scorer, 6'1 JR Anthony Raffa.  Clemson has already dug themselves a bit of a hole regarding their tournament profile after losing to CoC, so bouncing back with a win tonight against a good Coastal Carolina team is a must.  

Milton Jennings and Devin Booker need to be able to stay on the court and out of foul trouble.  This team lacks depth at this point in the season and can ill-afford to lose their only inside presences on stupid fouls.  Brian Narcisse plays with great energy, but he is too undersized to be asked to fill in at the 4 spot for a significant period of time.  Especially against a Coastal team that goes 6'11, 6'8, 6'7 across their front line.

In the backcourt, Andre Young needs to bounce back from his off-night against CoC and TJ Sapp needs to be aggressive offensively.  I've seen enough in the early part of the season to realize that Sapp is going to have to be an offensive contributor in order for this team to score.  There is a lack of offensive fire power on this team (I feel like I've been saying that for a year straight at this point), but Sapp has the offensive talent to be the spark that Clemson needs.

For those that aren't able to make it to Littlejohn, feel free to use this as your game thread.