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Clemson Dismisses Safety Desmond Brown

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Redshirt Freshman FS Desmond Brown has been dismissed from the football team for violation of team rules. He has not played this year and wasn't mentioned much this offseason, and was expected to transfer this winter anyway. Tennessee was the other top choice for this former #12 ranked, 4-star Safety from Alabama, yet another failure in a long line of what Alabama/Auburn let Clemson take (Buice, McClain, Brown, The Clear brothers, Traylor, Darrell Smith, etc. etc.). I expect him to try to transfer to UT.

This makes 3 players who have been dismissed or are no longer with the team during the season: Bryce McNeal, Demont Buice, and now Brown. We expect to see at least 2 or 3 more transfers coming this winter as well, due to lack of playing time.