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SBN BlogPoll Week 7 Ballot

Not much change at the top since no one lost and I don't yet believe an adjustment needs to be made. The only team at the top of my ballot to lose was Texas, and having watched that one, I don't think they should be penalized for  losing to OU, but I don't think they can beat the rest of the Top 15 right now.

Michigan has been impressive enough to jump over some other teams. Even though they do not have much talent on defense, I don't think the teams below them can beat them.

Auburn lost, but to Arkansas, who I rank in the Top 10, plus they beat SC at home and should be higher. I don't think anyone behind them can beat them either. K State beat a 2nd non-patsy, so I'll rank them now, but I'm shaky about them. I still think Baylor is a better team.

To me Florida looked really bad against both Bama and LSU, but those two teams are so far ahead of everyone else in terms of execution and talent level that I cannot just kick Florida out of the poll yet.