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Clemson/BC Sunday Thoughts

Ok Boston College fan who wants to say our talent isn't better, where are you?  Now Clemson is not just more talented, the Tigers are better coached on both sides of the ball.  I want no part of LSU or Bama, so don't get me wrong, but I also want no part of BC fan who fires into our site and complains about how we don't give them enough credit.  The credit is on the field yesterday.

First and foremost, I have to give big ups to the readers.  My wife and I were at the game in Clemson then  went out in G-Vegas and everyone she talked to knew about STS.  I am a little embarrassed chatting with folks, but the treatment was excellent.  The crew in downtown Greenville last night gave us our props but also gave us some stuff to work on (the Rip/Liz concepts that I went on and on about are in the works guys).  Anyway, long and short, I gave Dr. B a call immediately and he appreciates the enthusiasm you guys have just as much as I do.

I also heard Dabo styling and profiling about being the champ yesterday.  I cannot wait until a reporter asks him a question he doesn't like.  The response is "Shut your mouth, you're talking to the champ."   That and a Young Bus isn't really acceptable.  Limousines, custom made clothes, and shoes that cost more than your house, that's how the champ rolls.


Enough of the gushy stuff, on to football.  We obviously need Tajh Boyd healthy to win against GT and UNC.  Preliminary reports (just after the game) showed a negative MRI and a hip strain.  I am on the road today, so if this info is old, well it is just old.  I don't honestly know what a hip strain is. I always thought the hip was a pretty stationary piece of equipment, but that is why I am confused now and not a doctor.

I will go ahead and point out the obvious, Clemson was worse on kickoff due to Spencer's injury.  Not putting the ball in the end zone highlighted Clemson's inability to tackle and must be improved.  I was also sorely disappointed with Charone Peake's touchdown drop.  Cost us four points.  I will say that I was very happy with Catman and his five field goals.  Most importantly, we converted PATs.  Dawson Zimmerman was again jam up punting yesterday.  That guy is nails.

Again, Sammy Watkins had a big, big game.   Dwayne Allen showed why he will be the first TE taken in the 2012 draft.  We will hold our breath for Tajh, but are pleased with Chad Morris' offense and the contributors.  I want to give CU's defense two thumbs up, but don't really know after yesterday because Boston College flat out sucks at football.  Their athletics director is a joke, turned the BC football coaching position into a revolving door, and surely will applaud putting cupcake Syracuse on the schedule.

Next is at Maryland.  We laid such an egg the last time we were up there that I will be concerned until Clemson wins.  History shows Clemson has a rough game when riding high and I really hope this staff can keep Clemson from the "pit" game.  To appease the obvious questions, yes Coach Ford had some let down games as did Coach Stallings and the Bear.  I believe Coach Ford was on the first Bama team to lose to Vandy, so it could happen to anyone.  Let's hope we are more than ready in College Park.

Oh yeah, Roll Tide.  Why won't the NCAA go ahead and hammer Auburn?