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BC Video Monday

The cultural videos for this week were tough.  I know you won't believe this, but there were very few embeddable videos that impressed me.  Apparently, a couple girls from BC showing off their front porch is what I got from my brief video search.  We won't show some chick's gut on STS (unless it is really funny), so no dancing girls.  Most of the other Boston College clips I saw were non-heterosexual and you know we don't get into political or social issues, so those were out. 

I thought about just playing the movie The Departed here or breaking you off with some Good Will Hunting, but toned it back to just my favorite scenes (I tried to avoid clips of these Yankees speaking some language that doesn't translate well into Sakerolina English).  You know it is rough when you fall back on Marky Mark clips.  I would crack on the Sawcks, but after the Braves' collapse, I just want to forget about baseball until March.  I will also caution you.  There will be BC lurkers on STS this week and their favorite thing to talk about is recruiting bias.  Ignore them...they used to piss me off too, but I have gotten over it. We'll just be quick with the banhammer.

Do you like apples?


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