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Clarence Rose, Clemson University

Buick and SBNation have collaborated to celebrate a former athlete who exemplifies the qualities of the Buick Human Highlight Reel campaign.  Today we would like to discuss Clemson Alumnus Clarence Rose.

Clemson University perennially boasts one of the best golf teams in all of the land.  This golf program features the 2003 team National Championship, an individual National Championship, nine team ACC Championships, and 51 All-Americans.  In the minds of many Clemson fans, the Tigers have simply been dominant at golf as long as they can remember.

Clarence Rose was a critical part in building Clemson Golf into what it is today.  Rose led the Tigers to their first NCAA appearance as a senior in 1980.  During that same season, Rose was honored as a second team All-American, the first in Clemson golf history.  Additionally he was Clemson Golf's firs two time All-ACC ('79 and '80) and was eventually named as one of the ACC's 50 Greatest Golfers earlier this century.  Rose is a member of the Clemson University Athletics Hall of Fame (C/O 2004).  Following his Clemson career, Rose had a successful career on both the PGA and Nationwide Tours, winning the once on the PGA Tour (1996 Sprint International) and once on the Nationwide Tour (1995 NIKE Pensacola Classic).

Clarence was established as a golfer in 1990 when his 18 month old son, Clark, was diagnosed with cancer.  Rose put his golf game on hold in order to be with his son and help him fight through this illness.  Fortunately, his son recovered and Rose was able to resume his golf career in 1995.  The near scare of losing your child certainly was a life changing event that had to readjust Rose's perception of life.  Rose has since established the Clarence Rose Foundation.  This organization raises money to help kids in Wayne County, NC-Rose's hometown/home county.  All proceeds from the foundation are used to establish/augment children's organizations or for health and educational objectives.

Items such as this really put priority on life's items.  We should all be thankful for what we have and assure we put first things first throughout our everyday activities.  Rose placed his career on hold for something much more important than golf.  Clarence devotes time and energy to improve the lives of children in North Carolina.  Things of this nature really place perspective on all things in life, including our petty chats about college athletics.

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