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SBN BlogPoll Week 6 Ballot

At the top, the only changes are due to Wisconsin's assbeating of Nebraska and Bammer's whipping of Florida in the Swamp. Clemson I've moved up since we beat a higher ranked team on the road and looked pretty solid doing it. Until our defense starts tackling a lot better, I don't see us going up much further unless someone loses. The same thing held Auburn back last year in my ballot.

I'd rather not rank Texas in the Top 10 yet, but since everyone else lost, some of them to unranked squads badly, I almost have to. Arkansas won a shootout with aTm but I don't think they're a top 10 team either with that defense and no running game.

Frankly the best looking team between 10-20 is Georgia Tech, whose offense has been unstoppable so far. Their defense still blows however. Basically everyone else who dropped bigtime drops because they lost to an unranked team. Baylor's loss was by 1 point on the road, so not so harsh there.