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DT Josh Brown Commits to Clemson

Another DT, Josh Brown (6'4 278, 4.9 40) from South Aiken, made his commitment public to Clemson tonight. Brown had no notable offers, but was receiving interest from NC State, Oregon, SC, KY and GT. Some of those schools were interested as an OLman. Brown is a guy who has played both ways at South Aiken, and has a ways to go on defensive coaching since he does play a little more OT. He was recruited by Dan Brooks and Harbison.

The SC VTO camp is where Brown initially shined, and garnered the attention of several staffs in the Southeast. He's a big guy with good quickness and footwork, but he's definitely a developmental prospect. He will need to take a redshirt and be coached as a fulltime 3-technique during his first couple years at Clemson before he really starts to play a lot. As is the usual case for most HS Defensive Linemen, he outmuscles the man in front of him to make plays. His pad level is a bit too high, which is also normal for a 6'4 player.

He becomes Clemson's 20th commitment.

I believe we'll take at least 2 more if the right guys commit, unless we have more attrition. Clemson is back on Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley in NC as RBs to replace Buice as well.