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GAMETHREAD: Clemson at Maryland

Clemson in 1975
Clemson in 1975

Truth be told, Clemson should destroy Maryland. However, if Tajh Boyd's injury is somehow worse than we were led to believe (which wouldnt be a first at Clemson), and Cole Stoudt has to win the game for us, this could be a struggle. Hopefully Tajh is fully healthy and manages the game, and we put up some points early so that we can sit him for a half to be on the safe side.

We're also looking for Andre Ellington and our OL to pick it up on inside rushing moreso than we have been, and to get Bellamy the ball on a few more sweeps and options.

Defensively, Clemson will try to confuse an already-confused O'Brien and pressure both QBs for MD. Watch out for the zone read though.

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