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STS has an excellent month of September

STS had an excellent month of September.  We saw over 147,000 unique hits and over 260,000 page views.  We would like to thank everyone for visiting the site and hope that you enjoy our content.  As always, we are open to any new ideas that would improve the site, so let us know what you think and if there is anything we could do to get better.

We are closing in on 1000 site members and encourage everyone to choose a handle, sign up, and participate in the site via comments, fan posts, and such.

We also need to give a shoutout to ggggmen, redbricktiger, and Peter_G for excellent insight and overall good articles they've put together over the past couple months.  These guys have done a tremendous job helping Dr. B and myself improve the quality of the site and give our site readers fresh and insightful information regarding our Clemson Tigers.