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GAMETHREAD: Clemson at Virginia Tech

Danny Orange Bowl
Danny Orange Bowl

If you look at the film on VT, you come away with the thought that is a sound defense with an improved DL and secondary. The offense is ball control and hasn't been opened up yet for Logan Thomas. They have a powerful running game and a couple quality receivers. Despite that, I can see this game being a thumping one way or the other.

Clemson's defensive front will be tested. They have to stay in their gaps and stop the run first. We believe Clemson will be in its base defense most of the day. Virginia Tech's passing game isn't sophisticated enough to come from far behind, so a big lead will doom the Hokies. We'll see if Mike O'Cain has figured out defenses.

VT will probably stop our running game, but aside from Hosley I'm happy about the matchups in the secondary.

One thing we can't do is turn the ball over or give up a TD on special teams. Those things will swing momentum and/or keep VT right in this game. They don't need that help at Lane Stadium.