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Rumph leaves for Bammer, Justin Fuente interviewing for OC

While we don't think losing Powell is a bad thing, or that Napier's leaving will hurt recruiting in this cycle, losing Chris Rumph could. I expect other assistants to leave as well.

I can't blame Rumph for going. Bama offered him nearly double his salary ($350-400K) and he can coach at a place that can win a national title next year. They sent the Lear jet and flew him right back to Tuscaloosa with a salary offer in hand. Its the best thing for his family. We won't pay that much for an assistant coach here. Problem is, to get new guys into our bad situation, we'll have to pay them more. We may end up paying 250K for his replacement anyway.

I know some folks don't care for Rumph, but I think he's good coach. Our technique is not bad and he has developed players at his position since he's been here, which is more than we can say for most other assistants in the last decade. I think he's a pretty good recruiter as well -- not on the level of Harbison or Brooks, and not quite as tireless as Dabo is/was, but still pretty good.

Losing Rumph does affect the recruiting this cycle. Marlin Lane has been committed since very early in the process and this could possibly affect his decision, as it could his teammate Cortez Davis. NG Grady Jarrett, who I feel is greatly underrated, was a Rumph recruit as well. Rumph also worked on Phillip Dukes, another DT we badly need for next season. Clowney was giving us a token visit for Rumph, we were never really in contention with him, so that one isn't a big deal. At least this could keep Clowney from SC. DE Ray Drew is a guy who is, in my opinion, a little overrated but still at a need position. So are Jeoffrey Pagan and Gabe Wright, but I still hope Brooks can swing Pagan if he's given the entire DLine, which I'd expect to happen.

TI says that TCU's Justin Fuente may interview for the OC job next, and I can already say having watched plenty of TCU games over the last couple years, that this would be a good hire if made. He has experience as OC. Its a power-spread system and his OL is considerably meaner than our own, and their WRs play fundamental football just about as well as any I've seen in the last couple years. He's developed Andy Dalton very well and runs a pretty balanced attack, but it is different from Morris' more Malzahn-like system.

I've not heard any serious names for RB coach or Rumph's replacement. Dabo will have to scramble if he wants to hold this class together.