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Recruiting's Final Weekend


Due in town:

- DE Jadeveon Clowney (FYI Clowney has said he wishes to wait to sign beyond NSD)

- OG Spencer Region

- OT Isaiah Battle

TE/DE Jerrell Adams, who has long been a SC projection, is making an unofficial visit to Tigertown this weekend for the basketball game. I would imagine all the recruits will be there at the game. Adams could be being pushed away by Sakerlina because of numbers.

There is a long list of Juniors in for the first Jr Day visits, they'll be occuring throughout the month of February.

After this is the Dead Period, and coaches are done unless the recruit calls them. In-homes are concluding tonight.

Clemson is in strong position to take most of the players out there heading into this final weekend. Steward is said to be leaning CU heading into the in-home with Jimbo Fisher last night. DT Phillip Dukes had his in-home Thursday with Dabo, Spurrier Weds, and it could go either way on him as well. Dukes visits UNC this weekend. If Dukes goes to SC, I could see us offering Northwestern's Roderick Byers at the last minute, its a numbers situation so watch for that.

Clemson can technically sign 29, but Dabo has given a limit of 28. 4 enrolled early and 25 new for August. We don't expect all to qualify though (Battle will probably be at Fork Union). That means that only the 85 rule is a possible hurdle, which says that some people are going to leave and the walk-ons are not all getting renewed.

Cautiously optimistic.