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Getting Loose: The Jan Edition

Yeah there are quite a few things I've scratched my head and thought, "Yeah, that is stupid!'.  Here is the post that I use to get loose and all fired up.  Hit the jump and read on about the crap that goes on these days.

Dumb Crap #1: The NCAA.  Who do these a-holes think they are?  A.J. Green gets a four game suspension for selling his own stuff BUT Cam Newton is allowed to get pimped by his father?  North Carolina shelves its whole defense and Auburn is allowed to put the best team money can buy on the field?  All the NCAA looks at is the $$$ and they don't care about the student-athlete or anything associated with such.  Bullshit?  Yes, completely.  These are the guys who tell you that this is game for the non-pro's...until it costs them cash.  Auburn looks to have some strange things going on, has been caught before, and will vacate their wins (when the NCAA decides it won't hurt their bottom line) and that is apparently perfectly fine.  Ohio State's players are found guilty of receiving inappropriate gifts/treatment and their punishment is to "promise they will return next season for discipline."  Give me a break.  Either there are rules or there are no rules.  Either you punish the guilty or you don't.  Just don't tell me it is acceptable for UNC and Georgia to ruin their season by suspending key players and it is just fine for Auburn and the Sweater Vest to laugh at the rules committee. 

Saints fans.  Where the hell are you now (except for my girl "Who Dat Holly," who is always on the scene)?  I am a Dirty Birds fan and Dr. B is a Panthers fan.  We are both Braves fans (Dr. B got me onto analyzing Greg Maddox.  That guys is a freaking wizard, I would highly suggest you score some of his mid-90's games and you will see a magician at work).   Nobody gave a shit about the Saints until last year's Super Bowl.  Nobody gives a shit now.  It was cool to be an "Aints" fan last year, but where are the "Who Dats" now?  If you are going to jump on a bandwagon, that is fine.  Just stay on the bandwagon for more than two weeks and please quit acting like you were slamming Hurricanes and Hand Grenades since you were three (BTW, big ups to Tropical Isle and Pat O's for these near-lethal concoctions).

Clemson's "cease and desist" policy.  What is the administration thinking?  I did not participate directly in Greek Life at Clemson but do understand how important these organizations are for the students, alumni, and the university as a whole.  What I don't understand is how the administration thinks they can hammer these folks as a collective group and get away with it.  Come on, Jimmy, use your head.  You are in the midst of a huge fundraising effort and you piss off a large portion of your base?  Not exactly the strategy I would choose.

Beano Cook.  How this guy did not get permanently run after declaring "Ron Powlas will win multiple Heisman's before leaving Notre Dame."  You guys might like him for his alleged "Pope of College Football" status, I just think he is annoying and gets no cred after his "great white hype" take.  Come on man!

Global Warming.  Hey Al Gore, where is this global warming?  We are freezing our nads off down here in the dirty South!  Nothing about this cold weather is cute and nothing is fun about ice and snow.  Please, please give me 110 degree weather over this chilly forecast.

The argument "Well, he is a great recruiter."  Recruiting is but one part of the job in college football.  Like we have told you here, we do incorporate recruiting into our grading process for coaching BUT will not anoint someone because they can get a signature.  Go ask Illinois (Ron Zook) what great recruiting and shitty coaching will get you.  I will take a coach who teaches fundamental toughness over a great salesman for the simple point that well coached, disciplined teams will whip poorly coached, undisciplined (and possibly more talented) teams.  Look at how Boston College handed us our ass a couple of months ago and the point is crystal clear.

The "experts" who don't understand the Spread Offense.  There are some pros out there who still think that Urban Myer and Gus Malzahn run a spread version of the run and gun.  Urban Myer has openly explained his offense as the "Wing-T on crack."  He has further broken down Auburn's attack as a 4-wide gun version of I-formation football.   These offenses thrive on singe wing hybrid tactics that incorporate all positions to both run and throw the football.  Jack Pardee/Andre Ware would openly laugh at you if you compared this "spread" to their offense.

Red Lobster commercials.  The cheese biscuits are the bomb but the meals never look like the commercials.  I guess you have to go to the beach for good seafood.

Recruiting Rankings mean nothing.  We really don't care about these and openly encourage you to do what we do-watch the film and grade a player as you see him.  However, the "experts" are generally correct and the teams who rope in the 4 and 5 stars should be better equipped to win games.  There are a lot of things you can coach (and we firmly believe that coaching is the root of success) but you cannot coach size or raw talent.  Talent and great coaching wins championships.