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Nation's #3 DE Jeoffrey Pagan Commits to Clemson

Out of all the noncommitted prospects in town this weekend I felt the best about winning Pagan's commitment. Pagan is rated the #3 Strongside End prospect nationally, and #36 player overall nationally out of Asheville NC.

I could see this one becoming the next high NFL draft pick at DE from Clemson, he's got the raw athleticism. He's 6'4" and already 270lbs, runs a 4.6 40, but has played multiple positions coming into HS and so he needs some coaching on hand technique and shedding necessary to play Strongside in college. Right now he can just run around HS Tackles and outmuscle the rest, which is not unlike most defensive linemen in HS.

His upper body development is extremely good for a HS player and he's got the first step, range, and pad level necessary to avoid a redshirt next year. With Crawford enrolling early, and playing behind Goodman, they possibly could move Pagan to Bandit End behind Branch and K. Brown. I think the Bandit position would get him more snaps quicker.

Two months ago he had surgery to repair a torn ACL/MCL, so I think it would be premature to say he will definitely not RS. It all depends on how well it has healed up when he arrives this summer. If its fine I'd play him.

Now I'd like one more Linebacker and I'd be satisfied with this class.