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Meineke Bowl: Clemson vs. South Florida Game Film Review

Again, just denoting under-center one-back formations as "Ace" without getting too technical with the formations because it would be too much to track and explain with shifts and motion. We're keeping track of the run/pass ratio between under-center snaps vs shotgun snaps.

ESPN Play-by-Play

CU starts from our 24 - I, PA, Parker rolls right and runs out of bounds for 7....Ace, Power O for 10....Ace, inside zone for a couple...Empty, screen to Brown negated by penalty...Empty, late breakout by Allen in the flat for a few...Gun Empty, Parker finds Nuke right down the middle on a Dig. Parker jumping around in the pocket for no reason....Ace, PA roll right to hit Allen for 12 on a hitch...Gun Empty, Antoine McClain misses Terrell McClain altogether and Parker throws incomplete....Ace, Chris Hairston is whipped by his man, who forces an early throw on the screen for a loss....Gun, screen again on 3rd & 14 on the USF 28, executed better this time and gets 7. 46 yd FG is MISSED. 9 plays 48 yards, 05:32

Protection is hit/miss. Hairston didn't move his feet at all on the one screen, and Terrell got a big jump off the snap on Antoine who stood there jogging around in a circle.

Don't like the screen on 3rd & 14 there, they're playing for the FG knowing Catanzaro sucks. Gotta take a deeper shot than this, deep in SF territory.

7 under center, 5 passes and 2 rushes. 2 shotgun snaps, both passes.

USF is showing a mix of Stack/Over and Under front. Looks like Cover 2 Man coverage.

USF from their 29 - B.J. Daniels rolls out and tosses one deep incomplete. 2nd pass is picked off by Byron Maxwell on a slant. Nice jump of the route by Byron.

CU from the SF 35 - I, toss to Harper who gets sacked, sets up for a HB Pass that was open downfield. Hopkins put a nice double move on his man. Wondering why we didn't rush the snap on the first play so it couldn't be reviewed? ...Ace, Outside zone for a couple...Gun, Parker finds Nuke on a deeper post route for 31....Ace, inside zone stuffed and Harper cuts out to get 6.....Ace, a horribly executed reverse. Bad playcall, worse effort from Dwayne Allen.....Gun, overthrows a covered Hopkins. Don't know why he threw this ball to Nuke, he was blanketed. He could've waited for something to come open over the middle, which I believe is what Dabo tells him on the sideline afterwards. 7 plays 25 yards, 03:16 27 yd FG. 3-0 Clemson

2 gun snaps, 2 passes. 4 under-center snaps, 3 passes and 1 rush.

Look at this reverse, thanks to TigerRay.

Looks like Walker's assignment is to block down, meaning he combos the 3-technique with McClain, then has the job to seal the play off inside, which he appears to do.

Dwayne Allen is supposed to trap the DE coming free over there, and does a pisspoor job of it. He doesnt get leverage and doesn't give effort. If he can trap the DE, given this amount of penetration, the hole is there between Walker and Allen. If he hit the DE at the line, the hole is around him outside to the boundary. Allen did not do his job. I don't see him doing much of anything.

They are overloading there on the left and the QB has to recognize. Smith is uncovered and goes to the 2nd level to seal a LB off, as he should. Hairston takes the guy on the 5-tech like he should. They didn't account for the Backer coming on a keyed blitz when he sees Allen pull around for the sweep. QB must recognize it. Had Allen gone downfield for a pass the backer probably would've gone with him, so its a key blitz. Without knowing the exact drawup of this play, I suppose that Harper could have the assignment to block that backside pursuit off, but sometimes he's intentionally unblocked because the play is supposed to be off to the sideline before LB can run the WR down from behind. Not crisp enough with the mesh.

So I'd say its a combination of things: good play by the LB, and good call by the DC to have him blitz on a key, lack of speed and crispness on the fake handoff (our PA game suffers because of this, we suck at the fake mesh), and Brown not getting over there quick enough, and Dwayne Allen did a sorry job of trapping that End.

Correct call would be to check out of this play, and its the QB's call to make. 4 weeks and 15 practices got that level of effort by Dwayne Allen?

Don't ever tell me Dabo is a good coach when I see shit like this all day.

Byron Maxwell bodyslams Lindsey Lamar on the Return.

USF from their 27 - 3 & out. Clemson nice zone blitz on 3rd down. We're playing Nickel defense.

CU from our 48 - Tajh Boyd in. I, false start David Smith. I, bubble to Nuke for a couple. Not great blocking and Hopkins should've turned upfield faster....Gun, horrible block on a bubble screen by Brown again allows Williams to bat down the pass....Gun Empty, pass to Allen on a deep cross, good play by the defender to bat it away. Punt.

1 under center, 1 pass. 2 gun snaps, 2 passes.

USF from their 18 - SF runs a similar bubble screen, and their WRs manhandle our DBs and don't quit on blocks. Play goes for 23. Someone wants to tell me that this team of ours plays hard? SF has half the talent at WR and they actually give the damn effort to make the play work....Look at the difference in just the effort below.

Brewer sniffed out a QB Keeper quite well for a short loss, and later on a keep option play he hit Daniels out of bounds for a 15 yd penalty. On the next play he makes the coverage bust for the TD. 6 plays 82 yards, 02:25 7-3 South Florida

Coverage looks like 2 Zone to me, Nickel package. CB has the flat zone. Brewer goes with #1 inside up the field to the safety, and leaves the flat zone. He should cushion and shade the #1 receiver but keep his eyes open for #2 coming out, who he has to take man/man. The safety is supposed to pick up #1 going upfield, which he does.

2 bonehead plays there by Xavier Brewer to give them 6. The commentator is circling the safety, not Brewer.

CU from our 40 - Ace, PA and Parker throws back across his body, again, to the opposite flat and a covered WR. He returns it to our 10.

Dumb. Shitty protection too from the left side. 1 under center, 1 pass.

SF from our 10 - 1st QTR ends. Nice play by Bowers to force an early pitch, then he forces Daniels to Brewer who gets the sack credit. 27 yd FG, 10-3 South Florida.

Miracle that we didn't give up a TD there, just from the momentum swing.

CU from our 25 - Why is Parker going back in here? Ace, zone for no gain.... Pistol, zone for 3....Gun, Parker has time to toss it and scrambles anyway, finding Harper on a checkdown swing route for a loss of 3. SF used a Joker front and our guys didnt do a great job of recognizing the rush either. Punt almost blocked.

Bad blocking up front here.

1 under center, 1 run. 2 gun snaps, 1 pass and 1 run.

SF from their 36 - Marcus Gilchrist loses his man in zone because of PA, goes for 19. Next play is a power option off that previous pass play, goes up the B-gap for 10. The RT pulled around into the hole and nailed Hawkins inside. Good execution by SF.... Two plays later, Hawkins is a step behind the slot WR for a gain of 12....Clemson's DL looks tired...Daniels hits Dontavia Bogan on a quick stop, and Coty Sensabaugh falls down on the tackle. TD. 17-3 South Florida. 9 plays 64 yards, 04:15

CU starts from our 26 - Ace, Antoine McClain lets a LB right up the A-gap, which forces an early throw incomplete....Ace, Power O for 10....Gun, Hopkins on a comeback for 14...Gun, Brandon Ford drags across the field uncovered for 16...I, Toss Sweep for 7....Near I, Power O for no gain. No movement on the OLB or the 5, or even the Nose....I, counter toss for 1 because the pitch by Parker went over Harper's back shoulder. FG Good from 44. 17-6 South Florida. 8 plays 48 yards, 03:24

Horrible OL play, Parker has someone in his face on first two passes. Horrible run blocking on the Power, Horrible pitch by Parker to Harper on the counter. I wish Landon Walker would learn how to move people.

5 under-center, 4 runs and 1 pass. 2 gun snaps, 2 passes.

SF from their 13 - Lamar gets another 9 on a bubble screen where their WRs actually can block downfield. Byron Maxwell and Hall are all over a deep post on a Reverse Pass, excellent coverage. SF can't get anything generated and on the last play it appears that Jenkins caused the fumble and Brandon Thompson recovered.

CU from their 43 - Gun, thrown short. Front leg looked like it stuck in the turf a bit. Didn't turn his hips at all...Ace, Parker rolls away from NO pressure and throws short sidearmed to the flat. All arm and no weight transfer....Gun, back foot throw to the opposite flat incomplete.

Perfect example in these three passes to show that Kyle Parker has not been coached worth a damn mechanically.

4th & 7. Gun, Parker scrambles long enough for the coverage to leave Marquan Jones alone downfield inside the 5 on a deep post and over route....then why the hell did we SPIKE IT? THERE IS NO NEED TO SPIKE THIS. I, speed option and KP tackled at the 1. NOW WE CALL THE TIMEOUT. I, Power O TD.7 plays 43 yards, 00:50. 17-13 South FL.

3 gun snaps, 3 passes. 3 under-center snaps and 2 rushes. I'm not counting the clock play.

USF kneels on the ball to end the half.


One of these teams has more speed, size, and has visible talent. The other team looks like it has less talent and speed, but looks like they have been practicing for 3 weeks.You decide which one is which.

22 under-center snaps for Clemson, 12 rushes and 10 passes. That is better.

13 shotgun snaps, 1 rush. Not better.

B.J. Daniels hit 11/14 for 125 in the 1st half.

Start 3rd QTR.

SF from their 17 - Branch made a really good play to run down a bubble screen on the perimeter, followed by another great play on an option by Bowers, played the pitch and then collapsed on the inside run. On 3rd & 9, Maxwell misses a tackle on a stop route that then goes for 17....Plancher outruns everyone to the boundary for 18...Kevin Guidrey catches a 16 yd crosser with 4 white jerseys in the area, one of them directly in front and another immediately behind. Just a good catch....Murray with 6 more on a screen, excellent WR blocking again...Sensabaugh made a good play to pull Bogan out of bounds on a TD pass, but on the next play he's on his back and gets flagged for PI.....Plancher takes it in for the 6. 13 plays, 83 yards, 5:13. 24-13 SF.

Terrible drive. Just don't see intensity in our secondary. They don't look confused, they just aren't playing hard.

If there is any team in the country whose secondary should be able to handle screens, its ours, and SF is killing us with them. We are shit at getting off blocks.

CU from our 23 - Boyd in with Parker gone. Ace, zone with orbit motion for 2....Gun, screen to brown, better blocking on the edge gets 9....Ace, Boyd has to scramble and gets 3. This is a PA pass off the earlier reverse above that I clipped out, and Allen makes the block this time but no one is open....Gun, inside zone read for a loss, Tajh hesitated and held onto the ball too long on his read....Gun, ball overthrown incomplete and behind Allen. Punt.

3 gun snaps, 2 passes and 1 run. 2 under-center, 1 pass and 1 run.

SF from our 45 after a long punt return - Maxwell reads a screen and nearly causes a fumble on the reception. Nice play to get past the blocker before the catch was made. Da'Quan is all over Daniels and the backfield on this drive. FG missed.

Steele was in their ears after that first drive.

CU from our 23 - I, Power O for loss....Gun, Boyd pressured immediately and sacked. Walker didn't move his feet. Needed to be lower....Gun, screen to Brown who flicks it to Harper for a gain of 14. This one got much better effort from Allen, but Marquan Jones has to get on that block.

Punt fake, direct snap to Wade who rushes for 8. SF was totally surprised....Ace, zone for loss. No blocking on left side of OL....Gun Empty, Boyd throws a bullet to Allen, that was a nice pass on a slant/skinny post. Held the ball too long a bit but it was a good throw. Play negated by shift penalty. Start 4th QTR. Gun Empty, Boyd overthrows McNeal on a deep crossing route, hits the safety right in the chest. INT returned to the 5. Difficult throw to make over the trail defender, has to throw it in front of WR, not the best decision.

3 gun snaps (1 negated), 3 passes called (1 sack). 2 under-center, 2 rush.

SF from our 5 - Branch sacks Daniels as he rolls right. Daniels on a shovel option keeper up the middle for the TD. Nobody was playing the QB properly. TD. 31-13 SF

On the shovel option keep here, Branch has Dive-to-QB. The FB would only be getting the ball on the shovel (dive) pass, and he looks at him too long. What he is supposed to do is get between the FB and QB to prevent that shovel pass, then pursue. Corico Hawkins has QB-to-pitch, and he's also watching the FB. He is supposed to watch Daniels. Deandre McDaniel was on the pitch, and he veers off to prevent the pitch, leaving a lane for Daniels to score.

Aside from this play I don't think you can be too hard on the D when we turn it over at the 5.

CU from our 13 - Ace, Power for 8...Ace, Power for 1. No movement on the interior line....Far I, PA rollout, pass to Harper is dropped. Punt.

3 under center, 2 rush. Conservative mode here, being so deep in our territory.

SF from their 32 - Hall blitzes and misses the tackle, gain of 4 on a zone. Rennie Moore blows up his blocker for a TFL....CU zone blitzes and Daniels made a good play, and a good call from their OC to screen there. Pass goes for 11...We blitz them again and force a punt.

CU from the 19 - Gun, Bubble to Nuke for 7...Gun, flare to Harper is thrown in front, no block downfield for it from the WR, and its broken up....Gun, finds Nuke on a stop route for 11....Gun, Draw is stopped for loss. Too much LB penetration....Gun, Boyd overthrows Brown on a streak up the sideline....Gun, Boyd evades a sack and throws it away. Punt.

Obviously in a pass mode now. 6 gun snaps, 1 rush.

SF from their 21 - D stops them after a Branch sack. Did what they have had to do for us the last two drives.

CU from our 41 - Gun, Roll right and hits Nuke on a crosser for 12. 15 yd penalty for roughness....Ace, PA rollout thrown away due to pressure....Gun, Boyd throws another bullet to Brown on the sideline stop route for the 1st....Gun, Screen to Nuke for 13. Nice block by Hairston out there.... Ace, stretch play for 2....Gun, a shovel option and Boyd gets nailed....Gun Empty, Boyd finds Brandon Ford for the TD. Nice thread of the needle on this slant. 2 point conversion failed, Allen should've caught this ball, hit him in the face. 31-19 SF,

This was an encouraging drive, but I also think its possible that SF took their foot off the throat defensively.

Hopkins recovers the kick. Well executed by Jackson. Personal foul gives us 15.

CU from the SF 28 - Gun, PA pass just over Hopkins' head. He was open....Gun, Bubble screen, no block made by Smith outside. No sustained effort from Jaron Brown, again....Gun empty, Boyd checkdown to Harper in the flat for 5...Gun, Ford down the sideline on a stop for 11...Gun Empty, Boyd's pass knocked away  from Ford. Ford had it in his hands, ball was thrown just behind him, and they ripped it out. Review shows it is complete for TD. 31-26.

Another encouraging drive from Tajh.

5 gun snaps, 5 passes.

Clemson failed to get the ball back on the kickoff.

Summarizing Thoughts

Effort and execution. On every other play it seems I see someone either not trying to make a block properly, or just not being in position to make the block.

If any D in the country is able to get off WR screens, it should be Clemson's. We run these screens all the time, and our DBs are shit in getting off blocks. This would be apparent in watching us play Georgia Tech, but it was painfully evident in this game. It is not just one player who has trouble, its all of them. That is coaching. I don't know why you wouldn't have your 1 vs. 1s in Shed drills constantly coming into this game, where both offenses are so similar, but either they didn't do it or no one paid attention.

Our WRs do a horrible job on screens. Hopkins is the only one who gives consistent effort, but he is sometimes out of position. Jaron Brown was absolutely horrid in EFFORT level on the screens. If he doesn't want to block, bench him. The effort level between SF's equally bad WRs (looking on the season) and our own was apparent. SF cared in blocking for their screens, ours do not.

Sometimes Dwayne Allen looks awesome, sometimes he doesn't look like he cares.

Our OL had a bad day as well. Protection got better as the game progressed however. No success at the point of attack on run plays all day though. No movement of the SF interior line. Pad levels are too high.

Parker either hadn't been coached for this game or didn't give a shit. Happy feet, no weight transfer, bad decisions. Tajh Boyd needs reps, because as he got into the game you could see things turning on for him.

The Skirt is still The Skirt. He'll always be The Skirt....but why no rep for Hot Rod, at all? Don't understand that one.

For the game, 35 gun snaps, 31 of which were called passes. 31 snaps under center, 17 of which were called rushes.

Thankfully this is the last one I have to watch this year.