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Swinney Introduces New Staff

Audio needs some work but you can hear what Morris has to say.

Elliott's statement and Hobby

More from Morris, and again more questions.

TigerCast has better quality if you'd rather watch that.

Highlights from the transcript and other

- As I expected, Pearman will handle Special Teams responsibilities with TEs.

- Morris' contract is not yet signed, but soon will be. 450K for 4 years, would take half that amount to buy it out I heard.

- Morris will spot recruit Texas

- Morris believes his system is physical, power football. I think people are reading that the wrong does not mean we're going to line up and pound people. Physical power football is a mindset. Auburn and Oregon have much in common in offensive scheme, both run the ball predominantly, but you saw Monday night which one was the physical team and which was not. Same techniques in blocking, different attitude.

- Morris believes some guys are going to be worn out in Winter Drills. Conditioning in this system is paramount.

- Hobby said that it was he that called Dabo Swinney with the intention of lobbying for friends of his to get our DE job. Swinney then offered it to Hobby himself.

- Dabo said Morris will have full control "Just like Billy Napier did...". Um ok. Also said something that I liked hearing:

"Obviously I've made some mistakes. It's my fault. It's not those guys. I did what I felt was right and played the hand I was dealt.

"This year was a terrible year. Unacceptable. It's my job to fix it."

Facilities press conference is tomorrow afternoon. They'll announce the initiative and I should have something up on it tomorrow evening.