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Week 1 BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Last Week's Ballot

Week 2 Ballot Draft

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Nebraska
4. Boise State
5. TCU
6. Oklahoma
7. Oregon
8. Texas
9. Iowa
10. Virginia Tech
11. Utah
12. Florida
13. Miami
14. Penn State
15. Houston
16. BYU
17. LSU
18. South Florida
19. Pittsburgh
20. UNC
21. Arkansas
22. Wisconsin
23. West Virginia
24. Oregon State
25. Auburn

Discussion inside....

This is just a draft, for serious debate is the positioning of VT, Boise State, LSU and UNC. I don't know where to rank them. Most have been left where they were with some minor shuffling due to what I watched this weekend, which was almost nonstop. Oklahoma was dropped because of their sorry showing (could drop them more), and I watched Florida's atrocious game, so they deserve to drop.

I had VT over BSU, and after watching the game I believe VT is still the better team, they just made some bonehead mistakes. On the other hand, BSU took advantage and is one of those teams that has less, but they BELIEVE, its an intangible and on any given day they can give fits to anyone up there. They never beat themselves. Also, every game counts.

Would they go unbeaten in a major conference? No, they don't have the depth, but on any given day they have a serious shot to beat anyone. Thus the debate, so I'll put them anywhere above VT, I just don't know where. Willing to listen to opinions there.

LSU barely beat a one-armed, one-legged UNC team. UNC I left off last week but they showed the offense I wanted to see. Even without a running game, T.J. Yates looked really really good. They were also in better condition than LSU, which is amazing given the Louisiana heat that I know so well. LSU beat UNC, so I almost have to put them over UNC, but UNC with those extra players beats LSU 3/5 times thanks to the Les Miles Syndrome. Jesus Christ that man is dumb, but I've been saying that for years.

I had to take Navy out, despite putting up 485 yards on Maryland. Navy should've won, but fumbled 3 times inside the 10 to lose the game. Navy is a better team, and would probably win if they play again, but at the end they couldnt get 1 yard to go up, and if you can't get 1 yard you dont deserve to win.

Wisconsin is in, I refused to rank them earlier but I watched their game, and now I'll rank them.

Utah beat Pitt at home, and Utah was higher in my rankings, so I won't penalize Pitt for losing. Pitt is a good team. Utah kept it close enough that I don't want to bump them up any.

TCU beat Oregon State, and again I won't penalize OSU just for losing since the Horned Frogs were way higher. I moved Nebraska up because I think theyre just better than TCU and Boise. Oregon played a shit team and put up 720 yards, but at least they performed.

Not ranked and not going to rank: Gawja - lemme see how Murray plays this weekend. SC - yeah right. FSU - wait til after this weekend. Michigan beat UConn, but lets wait til they beat ND.

So lets hear your reasoning.