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Week 5 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

Discussion within...

At the top, Boise moves up for beating another ranked team and even though I hate dropping Oregon State off, because they've played and lost to two top 10 teams (TCU and Boise), I kinda have to for having a losing record. I expect to have them back in once they get into the Pac10 schedule.

TCU dropped for that mostly horrendous game against SMU, and Florida might have woken up on offense.

Stanford, right now, might be playing the best football of all of the top 15. This team is extremely well-coached. He won't be at Stanford much longer.

I watched the Arkansas-Bammer game, and Arkansas, if they can handle this defeat, is playing the 2nd best ball in the West and should finish 2nd or 3rd, so I moved them where appropriate. Might be too high, but I think they will beat Auburn and LSU, so I have to put them ahead. Auburn is just too inconsistent for me to move them into the Top 12 like the pollsters are, but I can move them a couple spots if need be. LSU looked like steaming dogshit, but I did have WVU ranked a couple weeks ago, so I have to move em up.

Pretty much everyone else moves de facto because others lost. Texas lost to UCLA at home but they have so much talent that I cant see dropping them into the 20s like the real pollsters...even when they lose to OU next week, who also looked like death warmed over against Cincinnati (who NC State beat soundly).

I watched Miami/Pitt, and both looked weak. Miami can't get out of their own way. Pitt didn't look at all like the same team I watched play Utah: they looked slow and confused and Sunseri played very poorly (unhelped by the Wannstache). Even though I don't usually drop teams for losing to higher ranked opponents, that was just bad at home. South Florida moves out de facto for Big Least association, and only beating a horrid WKU team 24-12.

I won't rank Clemson til we beat Miami.