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Tough loss...Things must change

Moral victories are for losers and we here at STS want no part of a moral victory, we have high expectations.Clemson played well for almost one half then gave up 21 points in the third and mustered a mere 7 points in the second half loss to Auburn.

Nice job by the Clemson staff coming from ahead to blow this one. We have many problems. It starts from the very top and rolls down. However, I don’t think that we are in a position to ask for a new coach. We are in a position to recommend that our program take corrective action before we go down the same path that Georgia is on due to crap on our staff.

Dabo proved tonight that although he played for Gene Stallings, he is no Bebes.  Great coaches like that finish games off.  Clearly Clemson became undisciplined in the third quarter and could not overcome Auburn's efforts here.  Clemson (other than the wide receivers) got after it, yet came up short in a very winnable game. 

I will say that I watch a LOT of Alabama football. Those guys play almost perfect fundamental football. When you watch Bama then watch Clemson, it is almost a joke. Yes, I know that The Capstone has more talent than Clemson, but talent does not dictate technique and fundamental soundness. The biggest differences you see are up front. Every Bama player has great position at the pad level. Their offensive line is under control and maintains such, as does their DL. Right now this team is unable to finish the job, as shown by Auburn in the second half.

Clemson has been shit up front on the OL, and I am sick and tired of it. How many times against Auburn did you see a defender shoot the gap because our offensive line had no clue what they were doing? It happened repeatedly in the second half. This is supposedly an "experienced" OL. Because of Fat Brad, this offensive line has repeated issues playing good fundamental football and does not bring the war to its opponents. I am tired of seeing us get zero push up front. I am also sick of Clemson repeatedly being held hostage to a lack of depth there. You would think that the Clemson staff (if they are so damn committed to Brad being on staff) would realize his shortcomings as an offensive line coach and bring in more players here. I say it now and will not waver, if Brad Scott is a part of this team we will not win. Charley Ward overcame his ineptness, then you see what happened. Carolina sucked under Brad’s watch. He came to Clemson and, after a few years as just another coach, got promoted to offensive coordinator. Even Tom realized this was a mistake and demoted him after some of the most predictable play calls I have ever seen.

I am almost to the point of calling for a completely different direction for this team if Brad is not removed from his current role. We have bitched and moaned for years here about how BS is just that, BS. He is allegedly the greatest recruiter in the history of recruiting in the state of Florida (if you don’t believe me, just go over to T-Net) yet does little to nothing for this team on the recruiting trail. If he is so damn good, why doesn’t Clemson have him camped out in the Sunshine state pulling in talent? We have plenty of scholarships to give and I really don’t think that our offensive line could get worse without this guy around. Why Dabo kept him on staff when he could have either moved him to an administrative role or fired him with the rest of Tom’s staff confuses me.

Why else are we on the short end of the stick? No discipline. Dabo may be a walk-on national champ, but he is no Gene Stallings, he is no Danny Ford, and he is definitely no Paul Bryant. When Dabo played at Bama, he played for a staff that demanded perfection. Stallings didn't take any shit and played Bryant football. The Bear would never lose a 17 point lead. Neither he nor Stallings would allow such tomfoolery from his staff. How many times have we play with our pads high, allow a defender to shoot a gap, or drop catch-able balls to realize that we lack mental toughness and are not being coached drilled on how to do the little things correctly.

I am calling for a few heads, not because of today, but because today pushes it to the brink:

Jeff Scott, your receivers were pitiful, particularly the veterans. Their drops would have won the game tonight. You have been their coach for two years and they cannot catch a cold ass naked in Alaska. Time to go. Cut your teeth at Furman or PC, not at Clemson.

Brad Scott: Our offensive line has sucked for years under Brad. We never get push and he rarely leaves his office to recruit unless the recruit is conveniently near Clemson. Apparently Brad is the king of Florida...Why the hell doesn't he recruit like it. The only reason anyone knows Scott’s name is because Charley Ward is one hell of an athlete and won in spite of his dumb ass decisions. Need any proof, look at USC while he was there. Tom Bowden even demoted Brad from offensive coordinator's position. And at Clemson, we haven't been worth a shit up front under Brad‘s guidance. Brad has been here 10 years and we still lack any depth up front. If one guy gets hurt, we are SOL because we cannot recruit properly here and really cannot develop talent. Either recruit, develop linemen, (or both) or pack your shit and leave. This crap is unacceptable especially for a "guru" like Brad. Miscommunication and players having no clue what is going on with this "experienced" group just shows me that you have failed once again.

Coaches on Notice.

Billy Napier: Your play calling at times makes no sense. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you have to deal with the two guys listed above, but shit. The second half of the Auburn game coupled with the shortcomings of the two guys above you makes me want to vomit. Why not run Ellington all night long? Why not protect a huge lead? Why are we running triple reverses and other such? Why do we get cute when all we need to do is more of the same. Also, we looked great on our first scripted drive then could not adjust. It is tough to pile on Napier too much because you never know how much Dabo is dabbling in the play calling, but someone has to answer for the inconsistency we have seen offensively.

Andre Powell: Yes Andre Ellington is a stud. I could probably coach him, he is that good. The fact that Jamie Harper still does not realize how to get up field is ridiculous. As a coach, we put you on notice back in February simply because you are a running back coach and should be pulling in boatloads of talent. I guess you are the special teams coach (and we have been decent there this season) but there are others out there who could do a better job. Get Harper running better or we will once again call for your head in 5-6 months.

Guys, we will never win with this crap. If Dabo does not get rid of a few coaches, we will ask for his resignation too. A few cute "All Ins" and other crap is great for the fanbase, but all we care about here at STS is winning football games. If/as it gets worse we will call out other folks. Currently our LB's are pitiful so Steele may be next on the list.