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Gameday Thread for Clemson @ Auburn

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Clemson will win IF

  • We are able to run the ball inside consistently against a talented Auburn front, and play keep -away. Though they may be less talented than our own, they play a rather simple scheme and play it really well.
  • Clemson's DL is able to control their gaps and the LOS. They must not react to misdirection.
  • LBs and particularly the Safeties read their keys and do not bite hard on play-action. Everyone must be disciplined.
  • 3rd Down Defense. We haven't been good here, they must keep their concentration up and no stupid penalties to keep drives alive.
  • CU must be sound in the kicking game. Punt returns and kick returns will always be a defining factor against evenly matched teams.

We believe our Tigers will play more zone defense today, making Newton's reads more confusing. Giving him man/man coverage to read will just play into his hands, and one play-action bite will end up giving Auburn 6. Expect more zone blitzing than you usually see from Clemson, and a lot of it. We have not blitzed much in these two games against NT and PC, we will blitz the hell out of Auburn tonight.

But make no mistake, Auburn will get their yards. We don't have to be spectacular on defense, just sound.

MSU had success against Auburn for the same reason Kansas contained Georgia Tech: they played keep-away. They controlled the LOS on offense and did not let Auburn get their hands on the ball. If we keep our defense off the field, they will be able to do much more.

Running the ball and playing sound defense, and being sound in the kicking game is ALWAYS a good way to win a ballgame.

Feel free to post your thoughts leading up to and during tonight's game below.