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BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Discussion inside....

Some near the top have been rearranged: Boise moved down thanks to VT's bedwetting against JMU, and VT now is barred from my poll ballot til Mid-October no matter what. I don't penalize teams for losing to higher ranked teams, so Miami is not heavily penalized, nor is Penn State (that QB will be good one day). I don't just push everyone else up for winning either, so several others have not been moved.

West Va is out, after that Marshall fiasco, and now that I've seen Wisconsin, Stanford, Arizona and Houston play, I've moved them appropriately.

I want to drop LSU after two games where they struggled for large parts, but I really can't say the teams below would beat them.

So have at it, let us know what you think.

And no, I'm not ranking Sakerlina for beating a weak UGA team that shouldn't have been ranked in the first place.