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What happened yesterday? The good, bad, and ugly


Clemson took care of Presbyterian's team.  Granted there are probably high school teams that could beat PC, but it was probably good for CU to participate in this scrimmage.

On a very positive note, Georgiafan can say goodbye to any chance of being really good under Richt.  The window was officially slammed shut by south Carolina yesterday.  Georgia got whipped up front and looked very ordinary in every aspect of the game.  Richt's inability to get rid of his buddy (Martinez) after Van Gorder left will be seen as the mismanagement that took UGa from one of the country's best schools to its current state.  I guess we are all sitting here waiting for the Village Idiot (Les Miles) to suffer the same issues.  I really don't know how LSU fan deals with this crap.  Les is plenty capable of making poor situation decisions and mismanaging the game clock on his own.  Toss in the Mustang Defense and there are issues that even LSU's talent cannot overcome.



I still know little about this Clemson team.  We will get a good understanding of what we have when we visit the Plains Saturday.  I don't think we will be able to throw the ball, so we will see what we have up front and at the back position this week. 

Unfortunately, for every action there is a reaction.  In this case, South Carolina's dominance over the pups means that I have to hear Cockfan boast about how they will win the next three national championships.  I made a bet four years ago with Cockfan that Bama would win a National Championship before the Cocks won the East.  Scoreboard Figurefour.  Yes, the Cocks did play well Saturday.  Yes, Steve Spurrier has begun to run his mouth again (which does kind of scare me, although the last time he smartassed about winning--that I can recall--involved a preseason game in DC).  Yes, Carolina beat a non-Ray Goff coached Georgia team, so we will hear about this one for a while.


Clemson's Uniforms:  This was rediculous as our players appeared to be dressed like an old ABA team.  Memo to Dabo...Orange Shirts/White Pants = home, White Shirts/White Pants = road...No exceptions.  The 1981 Houston Astros are embarrased for us.

ACC football.  While chatting with Dr. B Sat afternoon, we both talked about how we probably gave FSU too much credit and that OU would probably come out and whip the 'Noles.  That is exactly what happened.  Miami laid an egg on national TV behind repeated mistakes on offense.  Virginia Tech went all Ole Miss on us and somehow found a way to lose to James Madison.  Defending ACC Champ Georgia Tech got their ass handed to them by a very bad Kansas team.  Surprisingly UVa did keep USC at bay and Wake/Duke combined for over 100 points this week.  The only good thing that comes from this is that every team in the conference now has hope that they can win this thing.