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Postgame Impressions: Clemson Dominates Presbyterian

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Well that one pretty much went as we expected. There is not much to say after a game where your 1st team goes up 42-0 at the half other than to praise them and the backups for the first 3 quarters. They could not have played a lot better.

I was surprised though that we didn't run the first 2 backs out there much; the game was mostly Daniel Barnes (11-79yds) and Rod McDowell gashing the PC front. We played 64 players in the first half and 57 of those were by the end of the 1st Quarter.

Kyle Parker was sharp and didnt miss a throw until the first series in the 3rd quarter, finishing with 114 and 2 TDs. Sharpness on his part was all we were really looking for, and we got it. Now he must prepare for Auburn's predominantly Cover 1 and Tampa 2 defense. Tajh Boyd looked very good to me, but again its PC, so he should look good. The OL was fine, no one stood out one way or the other to me, and it was certainly better than the Coastal Carolina effort last year. Phil Price was able to walk on the sideline after his injury and should be ok for next week.

Additionally, while I loved seeing us take the top off the defense, I did want to see a long 12-15 play drive down the field and havent yet. We've hit big plays to cover the distance, but those big ones won't be there against teams like Boston College.

On the defensive side, the tackling was better and they took better angles, until the late 3rd quarter. A couple plays got through against the 1st team, one or two rocket sweeps and a draw, but they really didn't show anything that we hadn't last week while shutting down PC. The only concerning thing I noticed was our overpersuit on plays. 

DaQuan went missing today, and got sealed by some little guy on one of the sweeps that got through. I don't know how much he played but I suspect it wasn't much. I'll watch for that on film. The rest of the line played well for 3 quarters, particularly Andre Branch. Kourtnei Brown should've had a better day than he did.

McDaniel played much better and looked like he cared today, as did Brewer while he was in there. Slot coverage can still improve but it wasn't any one guy with the way we rotated. PC had zero success til the 4th quarter so theres no way the pass D can play better with the 1s.

In the late 3rd all that went down the tubes. I saw little in real fundamentals and horrid angles on tackling. The backups had bad days and allowed PC some makeup TDs. Folks think that these guys don't play, and many of them won't figure into rotations, but guys like Sensabaugh (gave up the TD late) do play, as will Justin Parker.


We will do a short film review, and probably just pull out a few plays. I don't see any need for an exhaustive review so we'll put the work in on some Auburn scheme posts.