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What is up with the NCAA? Isiah Thompson back to the Knicks while at FIU!

Obviously, it is incorrect for a player to get in with Pro scouts and agents, but it is perfectly OK for a head coach to consult (and get paid for his services) with an NBA franchise?!?

In a weird story, Zeke will be recommending collgege talent to the Knicks.  As ESPN reports, Zeke is looking for a GM job but since he failed miserably in such a role earlier, will have to settle for a "talent scout" role for the time being WHILE SERVING AS FIU's head man.  Conflict of interest?  Not for Isiah Thomas.  The NCAA has no problems with it.  I guess after Zeke punked the CBA then tossed his kid under the bus, the NCAA feels he is a non-player in the game.  Maybe the NCAA is trying to get Red Lobster on board for the "Lobster Bowl" or something.

This is nothing less than unacceptable.  The NCAA needs to get it together before it can re-assume its role dropping the hammer on "conflicts of interest" and "cheatin' scoundrels".