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Dabo puts yet another Walk-On on Scholarship.

This shit is pissing me off.
This shit is pissing me off.

Yesterday Clemson announced that CB Mansa Joseph would be put on scholarship for the fall, bringing the total number of walk-ons currently on scholarship to 11.

Yes thats ELEVEN. Eleven guys on scholarship and how many get snaps aside from Special Teams? 3? 4? Eleven guys, 2 kickers, a punter, and a long snapper who doesn't play at all aside from long-snapping.

Don't worry about playing well enough in High School to get into Clemson! Come on and we'll put you on scholarship in a year anyway because we DONT KNOW HOW TO SIGN ENOUGH recruits to fill the open spots we have each year. We went and signed only 12 a couple years ago, so we could sign more later, and yet we still don't sign enough to fill the open spots?

Some teams play with 85 scholarship players, and have to cut good ones to make room for new recruits. At Clemson we play with 74 (73 if McKelvey doesn't qualify, and it looks like this is the case) and invite guys to walk-on and give them a scholarship place holder instead of signing good players up out of High/Prep Schools. Is it any wonder we continue to have depth issues?

Its a self-imposed NCAA probation. The Trojans will play with 71 (in any given year) under their probation.

I don't have a problem giving a scholarship to a guy as a senior who has worked his way through school or one that has cracked the depth chart enough to get meaningful snaps, 3 or 4 is fine, but 11 of them is taking it too far.