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PF Bernard Sullivan Commits to Clemson

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Brad Brownell got his first big commitment yesterday when the nations #9 PF (Rivals, #14 Scout), 6'9" Bernard Sullivan, from Charlotte (North Mecklenburg - Davidson Day), threw his cards in with the Tigers. He has been recruited by the rest of the ACC, but not much by Duke/NC. It was just this past AAU season that he really went up the lists nationally.

He averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds this season for the Vikings, earning his third straight all-conference award in the I-MECK 4A, generally considered the state's toughest conference.

Of course we dont keep up with basketball recruiting as much here, but I have listened to those who do and they say that he is a good fit for the 4-1/3-2 motion system that Brownell uses and will play the 4 position that Booker vacates. His jump shot of course needs some work for the college level, as his film didn't impress me whatsover there, but his ballhandling skills are good, and ya'll know we pretty much sucked at ballhandling last season.

The commitment lessens the sting of our big recruiting losses this summer, somewhat, and is probably the best big guy we're going to get for now. Clemson should take 2 more players at minimum for 2011. I'm hoping for a PG.