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Clemson Baseball Draftees - Parker signs for $1.4 million

According to Baseball America, Parker just inked a 1.4 million dollar deal with the Rockies. The rest of the terms are not disclosed yet but its far from what everyone has stated Parker desired to play baseball-only and give up Clemson football.

But the last figures we heard in July were in the 2-2.4 million range, so this means Parker lost between a half million and a cool million to play Clemson football.

Casey Harman signed his deal with the Cubs for a nice chunk of change over the recommended slot money for a 29th round pick, and John Hinson and Jeff Schaus have stated they will come back.

At this time, no word on McGibbon or Steve Wilkerson signing. It was expected they would not sign.

So one incoming recruit (Cole Brand), Harman, and Parker are all that appear to have left Clemson baseball for 2011. Losing Harman is a killer though, since I expected our rotation to be quite solid with him and Weismann back to lead off the weekend. Now its Weismann's job on Friday to lose.