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Yo Korncoot: how your momma and 'dem

What have you ever done to gain any legit cred?  Obviously you are pissed that not even the great Todd Ellis could win two in a row against the Tigers! 

We call it like we see it and you are the hot mess that washes up on the shore after the storm clears.  You have no business running your "reportive" propaganda around the southeast.  Go ahead and come out publicly and say that you are a Carolina propaganda machine.  We will never say another negative word again.

I will edit out most of this article, but the point of the matter is that Korncoot will go out of his way to try to kill Clemson.  We are not asking that the man quit reporting, but we do want Phil to tell everyone that he is anti Clemson and quit spewing his crap until he says so.

So yeah, shoot your bullshit and whatnot to anyone who will listen, but we here at Shakin the Southland give you a figurative middle finger, think you are full of crap, and ar definitely NOT an objective reporter.  Instead you are spewing venom (true or not) simply to try to damage the Tigers.  (Yeah, Phil, it sucks, right?)  Just like that: