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Independence Day--Enjoy Living in the Greatest Nation in the World

I really don't have too much to say today, other than enjoy living in the greatest nation in the world, stay safe at the lake/beach/mountains, and give a tribute to the man.  We are steadily marching forward with some ideas that we think are entertaining, but always want your help to shoot forward ideas. 

Yep, the 3 car was in victory lane AGAIN Friday night.  Why is this one so special?  This will probably be the last time anyone ever sees the 3 on the track in NASCAR action.  Dale Jr. has said that he will never race the 3 again and Richard Childress--RCR Racing and owner of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s car--owns the #3 has said that no one other than Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be permitted to race a #3 car.  The #3 is something special and means so much to many of us.  I miss Dale Earnhardt but am very pleased that his number got a fitting retirement at Daytona in Victory Lane.

(and yes, this is a Clemson story because C. J. Spiller was the grand marshal at this race)