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Kyle Parker to Return to Play Football at Clemson

Per TheClemsonInsider

In a stunning turn of events, Kyle Parker has informed the Clemson staff that he will return to play football this fall as first reported by

One of the main reasons the Rockies drafted Kyle Parker with the 26th pick in the first round was because of his character.  Unfortunately for the Rockies, that character showed Tuesday night as Kyle stuck to his work and the deadline and decided to return to Clemson to play football this fall.

The Colorado Rockies did not meet the demands of the Parker family for Kyle to play baseball exclusively and the Parkers kept to the July 20th deadline.

Kyle will now return to Clemson in early August to try to lead the Tigers back to the ACC Championship game.  Negotiations will continue on whether Kyle will sign with the Rockies to play baseball while playing football for the Tigers.

Apparently Carl Parker knows Macrae and called him first.

SID Tim Bourret has confirmed it and Parker will make a public announcement later on Wednesday.