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It's the freakin' weekend

I apologize about the lateness of this one, but we had a few server issues this morning and I had to play golf, so it is what it is.

Say what you will about Dabo's goofy efforts and slogans, the man is doing what he does best...selling Clemson.  Dr. B has exhaustively reported the most recent pickups by this staff, and it looks like this class is shaping up (particularly numbers wise) about the way we expected.  This class, like last years, will require constant caretaking to assure that we have no more defectors moving forward.  The loss of Brandon Ellerbe was disappointing but not unexpected.  Since, we rocked out with the number 6 receiver in the land,  Now we must A) maintain the commits and B) develop them into stars.

As the baseball team prepared for Omaha last week, Clemson QB Kyle Parker was able to meet with Dabo Swinney to discuss his future with the Tigers' football squad.  While Kyle and his family have not completely closed the door on football, it is unlikely that he will return to Tigertown this fall as the Rockies will pay to assure they sign their first round choice.  I am getting tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again, so unless there is something exciting to remark about this topic you won't hear much more from FF until the decision is final (or until we at least get a good rumor).  Parker has publicly stated that he will do his best to expedite his decision-making process, so we should not expect him to go all Brett Favre on us (and can resume the Kyle Parker talk soon after the CWS).

There has been quite a buzz of late around Clemson freshman Richie Shaffer.  The Tigers' first baseman is living up to his high school superstar status,  He has been able to show power, particularly in the post season.  We expected good things out of Shaffer and were disappointed that he was injured early on this season.  He will be making a ton of cash if he can keep progressing and approach the hype surrounding his early career.

We missed a pretty anniversary here earlier this week, June 17.  We all know this was one of the most epic days of television our generation will ever experience and certainly the crowning moment of 1994.  There were some great things that happened this day...the King was teeing it up for the last time at the US Open, Junior Griffey pounded another jack to reach 30 on the season (a ridiculous display of power, getting to 30 halfway through June), and the first non-MJ finals in 3 years.  But the crowning moment occurred in a white Ford Bronco.  That's right, 16 years ago this past week, the Juice was loose, leading authorities on a low speed chase around LA with a gun to his dome (allegedly).

This free-for-all eventually led to 16 years of Orenthol resets, PEZ takes, and a couple games of Orenthol Scrabble.  Meanwhile, OJ has been acquitted of double murder, stolen DirecTV, and had his girlfriend "Doing cocaine with Jose Guer--er--o" (all allaeged, of course.  Currently the Juice is detained somewhere in Nevada for allegedly busting up a hotel party to try to "re-steal" his memorabelia.  VH1 really eff'ed up by not giving this guy his own reality TV show.  Then again, who the hell would watch "Brett Michaels of Love" or "Pissing off Bruce Jenner" if we could catch up with Orenthal once a week?

The only people who are now in jeopardy with the Juice are his fellow inmates.  All indications we have received show that they do have reason to worry.  OJ is apparently "bored".  The Juice knocked out plenty of felonies when he wasn't bored, so someone needs to send the warden a memo on this one.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.  We have lots of college baseball and key prime time golf to watch.  Be sure to notice how the poanna grass changes scoring as the day progresses.