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Rivals100 WR Charone Peake Commits to Clemson!

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Dorman WR Charone Peake (6'3 200, 4.4), the #6 player at his position nationally, has committed to Clemson this morning. He was offered by pretty much everyone. He was recruited by Jeff Scott.

According to multiple sources he had been a silent for some time now, but went public today. This is partly why I've been all over the staff on the Humphries offer. It was not a Daniel Andrews-Jamie Harper type of deal though.

I have seen Peake many times in person, on the sideline and the stands, as I said in the recruiting review last week. I've stood beside him and can vouch for the size stats. He has a frame to put on another 10-15 easy in my opinion, and already has a strong lower body. I can also vouch for his electric speed. He has exceptional ability to make his cuts in route running, something our current receivers don't do so well.

I will point out that Dorman's offense has been shifted to a little more wildcat and zone reads than the pass-happy system Dave Gutshall ran immediately after taking that job. Nowadays theyre fairly well balanced but with the defensive capability they've had the last ~5 years they haven't had to throw quite as often either. Their QB is a short guy and is not nearly the best passer they've had come through there, so Peake doesn't have the benefit of a strong QB to get him the ball every play. Mostly what I saw him do was run slants and streaks and just get open by running past people. He's so quick that a juke move with his speed leaves most defenders on the ground. Most corners respond by playing very soft and most teams put a FS over the top to his side every down. He pulled in over 50 catches for almost 900 yards last season as Dorman won the Big 16 over Byrnes.

Like most superstar players in this area, he will take plays off. Sometimes I saw him not giving much effort in blocking and when the play went away from him I did see him loafing around sometimes.

As far as hands I noticed no big problem with drops; usually he catches everything that his QB can get to him. I think the lack of phenomenal catches is more indicative of his QB's ability, but it is a knock against Peake that some have levied.

I expect him to avoid a RS unless these guys just dominate this fall. He'll play on the outside at X or Z, I'm leaning towards X right now (Dye's position).