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Random items for the mid-week

Phil Steele put together an interesting set of data that shows percentage of offensive output returning for the '10 season (I ganked this one from the guys over at Garnet and Black Attack, so thanks guys).  This statistic further illustrates how much C. J. Spiller, Michael Palmer, and Jacoby Ford meant to this offense last season.

In other in-state sporting news, USC's coaching staff got hooked up phat (17% lor so).  Why is this important to STS?  This is who we are competing with and who our coaches will compare directly.  The key item here is Ellis Johnson's two year deal worth $700 Large annually.  Folks, if you don't think that capital is important, here is further evidence that we are in an arms race not only for facilities but also coaching talent. 

Clemson announced the '11 Athletic  Hall of Fame class, including Shawn Crawford, Cindy Duarte, Henry Abadi, Pender Murphy, Harold Olson, Bob Pollock, Paulette Russell, and D.J. Trahan.  This group represents athletes from seven (7) different sports and one (1) former coach.  Congratulations to all of these folks and we will see them again during HOF weekend this fall. 

We reported Sunday that Murphy Holloway was probably headed to Clemson.  While I still think he will end up at Clemson, Holloway has  refuted that this was a definite and that there were a few variables to iron out before he will be able to get on with another school.  Again, Holloway is allegedly leaving 'Ole Miss to be closer to his daughter (and not because he dislikes anything in Mississippi).  Consequently, one would suspect that he would want to stay in state and attend a D-1 school in-state.  Mississippi will not likely release Holloway to another SEC school which leaves Clemson his school of choice.  We certainly hope that MH will be at CU and will eagerly follow this story as it evolves.

In some sad news, former Tiger standout Steve Durham passed away this past Friday from kidney failure.  Durham was an All-ACC defensive tackle during his career ('77 to '80) at Clemson.  Durham will be remembered by those who came in contact with him as a great athlete but an even greater person and human being.  The Durham family will be in out prayers and we send our condolences to Steve's friends and family.