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Friday--Things to ponder going into the weekend

We have a few things to look at going into the weekend, including the Tigers' trip to Winston Salem, Tiger golf to compete in the South Regional, and Swoffy's attitude leaving the ACC conference meetings.

Clemson baseball heads to Wake this weekend for another series.  No questions here, we EXPECT a sweep and would consider anything less than three wins this weekend to be a disappointment.  Wake Forest is, for lack of better words, a bad baseball team and the Tigers really need to assert that they are a better team than we have seen for most of this season.  After a good effort last weekend and earlier this week, wins this weekend are important as the Tigers close the regular season ACC schedule next weekend against a good FSU team.  Clemson will need to continue its hot hitting while shoring up its efforts in the field as we come closer to the post season.  I am not sure what the Dr. has in store for you in anticipation of this series, but here is the University's release on the weekend's series.

Do you like New Year's Day Bowl games for the ACC?  Do you think that participation in such contests is important for the conference?  Well, John Swofford has some news for you, New Year's Eve is a prime time to play bowl games, as New Years Day is congested with too many other games.  Ridiculous?  YES.  Are we surprised?  NO WAY!  This attitude out of the conference and its commissioner are the very reason that we are in this position in the first place.  In the above linked article, Swoffy also notes that that the Big Ten expansion might be kind of a big deal, but at least he has a buddy inside the Big Eleven conference. 

I will (try to) refrain from pushing the blood pressure up this late in the week by simply saying that there are a lot of people who are really upset and concerned with the direction that the ACC is going and ONLY a miracle in the media negotiations could shift my attitude at this point.  For a commish to sit by and give such apparent little effort in the football arena is one rationalize it in this fashion is another...

On the note of expansion, we have all heard the rumors and such spinning about the possible defectors from the ACC.  While Ga Tech is not new to this list, the theory of them leaving for the Big Ten is (at least to me).  After some of the crap I have seen floating around the net, nothing surprises me at this point.  I am almost to the point of issuing a personal moratorium on this subject, but cannot help but watch as the current crew from the Tarheel state seem keen on damaging anything football related in the ACC.

Clemson will be making its 29th consecutive appearance in the NCAA Golf Tourney, participating in the South Region that will be played at Capital City Club outside of Atlanta on May 20.  Clemson is the 17th ranked team in the nation going into this event.  This is the 27th consecutive appearance for the Tigers under Larry Penley.  Good luck to the Tigers as they try to make some noise to end the month of May.

As discussed by Dr. B in another location, the NCAA has denied Murphy Holloway's appeal.  Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone addressed the media to discuss the situation.  This is a tough situation for a good young man who has done nothing but good things for the University of Mississippi.  He is leaving school to care for his young baby, and is being barred from attending a school that will not (in all likelihood) play the Rebels this season.  I am a little shocked that this young man chose to leave given the options Miss gave him.  This is a tough one for old CU but an even tougher one for Holloway.  This appears to be a bit of hypocrisy considering the sheer number of times that the NCAA and its participants (especially AD's) constantly point out that the game is for the benefit of the student-athlete.