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Is TDP trying to tick us off?

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Well after two days, the search is confirming my suspicion that AD Terry Don Phillips is an idiot. I only know of one candidate so far that has or will be interviewed that I would definitely approve of taking this job.

TDP, however, has decided to punt. I'm trying to calm myself and keep repeating that they are only interviews and mean nothing, but the candidates so far mentioned likely caused incoming recruit Marcus Thornton to officially ask for a release from his LOI with the spring signing period upcoming. The timing does allow for the new coach to re-recruit Thornton, but if he is released, as is customary in basketball, he is no longer bound to us for 2010-2011. In light of those confirmed by media outlets, it does not appear likely we'll get him back.

TigerIllustrated has reported that 5 candidates have been interviewed and which they'll confirm, while our sources indicate another has or will interview today/tomorrow.

1. Wofford's Mike Young - nearly beat Wisconsin in the NCAAs this year, finished 26-9. SoCon coach of the year.

2. Wright State's Brad Brownell - 84-45 at Wright State, one NCAA appearance. 4 straight 20-win seasons at UNCW. Plays a motion offense and aggressive man and zone defense, not a bad X's and O's guy. Of the four, this is the only one I could see myself getting behind.

3. Jacksonville's Cliff Warren - GT assistant 2000-05, went from 1-26 in his first year to 4 straight winning seasons, and 2 NIT bids. Fail.

4. Former BC coach Al Skinner - Certainly a courtesy interview, no chance at getting this job from everyone I've spoken with.

5. Old Dominion's Blaine Taylor - one at-large NCAA bid in 06-07 and an automatic bid the year prior as conference champions. Stanford assistant from 1998-2001. 2 NCAA bids as head coach at Montana prior to that.

and our sources say that Baylor head coach Scott Drew will interview today, they also say that Ron Bradley will definitely not get the job. I've "heard" that Jeff Capel (OU) prefers the Wake Forest job to ours, but they appear to have settled on at least one candidate already in Jeff Bzdelik, so it appears that he could be for the taking for the right price.

Our sources also say that Clemson called Bobby Knight and asked his opinion of UAB coach Mike Davis, and Bobby was not enthused.

We reached out to former NCSU head man Herb Sendek, and he turned down the request. Apparently Herb can recognize a cluster**** from afar.

Opinions on the interviews thus far? Am I the only one feeling a nuclear meltdown coming? Why bother interviewing these candidates if you are going to go after the big fish?