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TE Eric MacLain commits to Clemson

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TE Eric MacLain (Fayetteville NC) committed to Clemson today, after de-committing from Tennessee in mid-February after the coaching change. MacLain is billed as a Rivals250 member and ESPN150 Watch List, meaning he's going to be a high-3/4-star player if those stars matter to you.

Under Armour Combine Video

ESPN Video

MacLain is 6'5" 245-255lbs, runs a 5.2 40', and is recruited as a TE, though he says he may give DL a look since Dan Brooks is his recruiter of record. Brooks originally spotted him at a UT camp while he coached at Tennessee. MacLain had been a UT commit since last April.

"Coach Brooks was really the first guy that spotted me. I went to Tennessee's camp and was just playing catch, making some one-handed grabs and he got me a scholarship."

"I really like coach Brooks at Clemson, both as a coach and as a person.  If I went to Clemson, I might even give defensive line a look just to be around coach Brooks, I know he wants me to come to Clemson's camp.  I don't know a lot about Clemson but I do like their style on offense and I like their defense.  They have great tenacity on defense." (said about a month ago)

MacLain recently visited CU on an unofficial weekend visit and Dabo and Brooks made such an impression that we were the clear leader for his services ahead of Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, Auburn, VTech and UNC among others.

From what I see on his film, he looks like a very good run blocker, something we question with Dwayne Allen, and he's quite big for a HS TE. I'm surprised he wasn't moved to OL. I have not seen enough to evaluate his route running or hands, but the scouting people say its very good.