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Tigers lose to Tech 8-6 in 10 innings

Casey Harman pitched pretty well, but after giving up back to back HRs in the 2nd, his defense let him down.
Casey Harman pitched pretty well, but after giving up back to back HRs in the 2nd, his defense let him down.

Box Score

Friday's game showcased a microcosm of our season of late. Clemson jumped on McGuire for 6 earned runs his 7 innings of work but Casey Harman was also touched up for a few homers that were amplified by baserunners that should not have been on base thanks to our defense. GT definitely got hometown scorekeeping on plays that should've been scored errors.

....They made "errors" several times throughout the game that were not listed in the error column on the scoreboard. Infielders slow-playing grounders and throwing late the first. An outfielder lost a easy fly in the lights. Sacrifice bunt attempts popped up. None are technically errors, but all contributed to the loss. In an extra inning game, every play is magnified.

Clemson was down early after a 5-spot in the 2nd against Casey, in part due to Miller's defense, and we came back to take the lead 6-5, which Chris Epps squandered with successive plays in Center in the 6th inning.

The game stayed tied at 6 until the 10th. Clemson started the 10th with a Will Lamb single, then Epps bunted to the hole between the Pitcher and the 2nd baseman for an infield hit. Perfect bunt. Mike Freeman couldnt pull one off though, as he bunted straight up in the air and it was caught for an out. However a wild pitch let the runners move up anyway. In a somewhat strange maneuver, Tech then intentionally walked Jeff Schaus to pitch to Kyle Parker with the bases loaded and one out.

Danny Hall brought in his closer Andrew Robinson, and KP struck out looking. Parker did the ONE thing you cannot do there. All he'd have to do is get the ball in the OF, and he takes 3 strikes looking. Parker was 0-for-5 on the night and grounded into a DP earlier to blow a promising inning. Hinson lined out to the SS to end the frame.

Squandered opportunities with runners on base.

Clemson had opportunities. Some they snagged. Others slipped through their fingers. As the competition rises, those miscues are too much to overcome and the close losses mount.

The Tigers loaded the bases with one out for cleanup hitter Kyle Parker. You remember Parker? He is definitely no stranger to clutch moments. The starting quarterback for Dabo Swinney's football team eludes 300 pound lineman trying to rip his head off.

He shouldn't be fazed by Andrew Robinson - the Georgia Tech reliever who entered the game with the bags full of orange jerseys.

 "We thought our best chance was the get their best home run guy Parker to hit into a double play," said Georgia Tech coach Danny Hall. "Robinson pitched him tough and struck him out."

Harman lasted into the 8th, giving up 10 hits and 6 runs, while walking one and striking out 9. He was taken out because of his pitch count for Haselden, who got out of the 8th and 9th without issue.

In the bottom of the 10th though, Haselden gave up a 2-run walkoff dinger to end the game 8-6.