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Fair Expectations for Brownell?

With Brownell being hired at CU today and confirming that two of his assistants, big man coach Mike Winiecki and manager Lucas McKay, will definitely be joining him, what do you expect out of the Tigers in 2010-2011?

His top assistant, and best recruiter (it appears) Billy Donlon will end up the next Wright State head coach.

He stated today that he runs a very multiple defense, varying from tight man/man to 2-3 and 1-3-1 zones, and runs a motion offense like we currently run, just better, though strictly half-court. Clemson ran mostly man/man and our usual zone press under OP so I don't see a big adjustment for our current players schemewise.

We lose Trevor Booker and 15ppg with 8-9 rebounds per game, and at the moment I doubt Devin Booker will leave. OP was the reason Devin wanted to go. Whether Thornton re-signs is irrelevant for next season expectation-wise in my opinion. If a few players pick up their game, and whomever steps in at the 4 puts up a respectable number (8ppg, 5-7 reb) then we should be fine.

I would say that 20 wins is not unreasonable given Brownell's track record along with the ACC losing several marquee players (Delaney, Scheyer, Vasquez, etc.) from higher-finishing teams. 9-7 in the ACC is possible, which means a NCAA berth as well.

What say you?