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What's going on outside of Clemson

With basketball season over (at least for Clemson), baseball getting into full swing (no pun intended), and football participating in the annual Spring workouts, I was curious of what else was going on in the world of college athletics and what other interesting things others were putting out there.  Here is what my research has produced (after jump).  Fair warning:  if this has no entertainment value for you, at least it originally entertained me.

Clemson at UVa will be the big event this weekend.  You will see more about this series from STS all weekend.

A bit of housekeeping is in order.  As reminded by Cockfan today, congrats to the 48th ranked men's tennis team for defeating the 32nd ranked Clemson team at Clemson.  We'll be sure to bring out all the stops in the next matchup.  I am sure we will be discussing, no arguing profusely about this one for years.  Now you can quit bothering me about things not football or baseball related as they pertain to in-state programs this Spring.

Now, around the Southeast...

In probably the most news-worthy story of recent memory, there will be a sequel to the ESPN 30:30 The U.  This will no doubt be praised with some sort of parade by the 7th Floor very soon.  I will admit the original had me entertained for a good two months.  My biggest concern is that there will be no guest appearance by Schnelly and not enough takes about being a soldier.  Still, this has the potential for some reckrecklessness and will probably be worth a view. 

FSU is having what appears to be a revitalization under Jimbo Fisher.  Fisher brought home a great class earlier this year and is changing the climate in Tallahassee immediately.  If there is anything Seminole you want to know, the guys at can tell you about it.  I would recommend reading up on the advancement of this squad, as they will challenge for an ACCcrown in '10.  I would also recommend skimming through the archives, as apparently the 'Noles didn't have a defensive playbook for the past few years.

Tennessee is once again reeling in the post-Kiffin era.  Bryce Brown left the team a week ago, and now UT loses Aaron Douglas.  Douglas, a redshirt freshman starter last season, plans to transfer.  I am sure that you will see tons of opinions on this attrition as well as basketball chatter over at  These guys also have some nice pics of the renovation work being done at Neyland Stadium in their archives, another example of the importance of capital for Division I schools today.  College athletics is becoming more and more an arms race game to draw better athletes and more capital towards America's best programs (in all sports).

Garnet and Black Attack have moved forward from bball season and have been focusing on Spurrier's quarterback cam as well as the influence of politics on recruiting.  The latter topic will probably resonate for quite a while and remain a hot topic down in Columbia.  I am keenly interested in seeing how the Gamecocks adjust to get their two best receivers (Jeffrey and Gurley) on the field at the same time and expect this topic to be discussed extensively over the next few weeks/months.

From the Rumble Seat wonders how Paul Hewitt could possibly turn down St. Johns' head coaching offer.  I had an extensive conversation with a few GT fans last week on this topic, and the opinions were all the same.  Hewitt can recruit like a champ but cannot turn this talent into a product that will consistently move GT into an annual power.  This is the same vibe that I have felt from most Tech fans over the past year or so, as the great tourney run to the Championship Game has been mitigated lately by average play (and really poor play away from home).  I have a feeling that Hewitt's days in the ATL may be numbered.

Bammer fan is, well, Bammafan.  I think we all will agree that Bama is the most storied program in the South and, with their 14 national titles, maybe the greatest program in the history of the sport.  Roll Bama Roll gives everyone an in-depth look at Bamafootball, both past and present.  Here is one interesting fact linked through their site, taken from, Alabama's final six SEC opponents next season have an open date scheduled before facing the Crimson Tide.  Six teams with open dates before playing the Tide?  That is crazy and really presents a big obstacle for the defending champs.

Dawg Sportsis getting geared up for for the Spring with some chatter about the new UGA (apparently CMR is fired up about having an all white dog on the sidelines in spite of Russ's 2-0 record), some reading ideas, and commentary about some women's sports.  On a side note, I wish that TDP could find some agreement with the Dawgs to allow Clemson and Georgia to revive their rivalry in football immediately. 

In something that is completely irrelevant but news worthy (and sure to provide future conversation), the Lions are definitely showing interest in Pacman Jones.  Detroit scrippers watch out, as the circus may be coming to town.  Admittedly, I will highlight bein' rebellion any chance I get.  The combo of Pacman and the Motor City could be just what the doctor ordered.