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2009 Position & Coach Analyses

Here are all the position analyses we completed this offseason, and each includes an estimated depth-chart. We chose not to do one for Tight Ends specifically because their overwhelming improvement statistically is pretty obvious, and since we have such a short depth chart coming back at the position. Pearman and Napier both deserve credit for teaching/emphasizing the position in the offense and we'd guess nearly every Clemson fan would agree with that.

Defensive Line-Brooks/Rumph - Nearly everyone agrees that they have done a good job.

Offensive Line- Scott/Pearman - 76% of our readers agree that Brad Scott should be let go.

Running Back/ST - Andre Powell - 68% disapprove of Powell's job performance as RB/ST Coach.

Linebacker/Defense - Kevin Steele - I chose not to do a poll for Steele because I felt too many opinions would be colored by the GT losses and wouldn't look at the whole package.

Defensive Back - Charlie Harbison - Only 3% voted him 'acceptable' as a coach, 57% said he may be the best coach on the staff. A single soul voted that they disapprove of him.

QB/Offense - Billy Napier 94% approval rating for our first-year OC.

Wide Reciever - Jeff Scott - 59% approval rating for the new WR coach/Rec. Coordinator.

As for the polls on each of them, its clear that FF and I are not alone in our POV that some of our coaches are outstanding, while some are weak and a couple should be fired. You could interpret that the skewed raises for the entire staff are an indication of how Swinney believes their performance should be rated.