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2010 Scholarship Breakdown: pre-spring practice predictions

2010 Scholarship Breakdown
Position 2010 2011 2012 2013
QB(3) - M. Wade* -K. Parker* -Tajh Boyd*
RB(6) -Daniel Barnes* -J.Harper       -A. Ellington*     

-R. McDowell*
-D.J. Howard
-Demont Buice

FB(1) -C. Diehl*
TE(5) -Kasey Nobles* -Drew Traylor* -D. Allen*

-S. Cooper

-V. Beasley

-Darrell Smith*

WR (9)

-Xavier Dye

-T. Ashe*

-Brandon Clear*
-Marquan Jones
-Brandon Ford*
-Jaron Brown*

-B. McNeal*

-D. Hopkins

-J. Craig

OT (8) -Chris Hairston*

-David Smith*
-Landon Walker*

-P. Price* 

-Brandon Thomas*

-G. Timothy

-R. Webster

-Tyler Fowler

OG (5) -W. Norris*
-M. Cloy*
-A. McClain

-D. Beasley

-K. Davis

C (4) -Ben Ramsey*

-D. Freeman*

-Matt Sanders*

-Matt Skinner* (LS)

DT (7) -Jarvis Jenkins
-M. Chavis

-Brandon Thompson

-R. Moore*

-Tyler Shatley*

-J. Watson

-T. Thomas

DE (9)


 -John Wright

-Kourtnei Brown*

-C. Richardson*
-A. Branch*
-Da'Quan Bowers

-M. Goodman


-T. Barnes

-C. Crawford

LB (9) -Scotty Cooper
-B. Henderson*
-Brandon Maye*
-Daniel Andrews
-Tig Willard*
-C. Hawkins

-S. Shuey*

-Q. Christian*

-J. Parker

Safety (8) DeAndre McDaniel -S. Adams*
-C. Lewis Jr.*
-R. Hall*
-J. Meeks

-B. Breeland

-Evan McKelvey***

-D. Brown

CB (7) -B. Maxwell*
-Marcus Gilchrist
-Coty Sensabaugh -Xavier Brewer*

-G. Peters

-D. Robinson

-M. Jenkins

PK  (2) -Richard Jackson* -Spencer Benton*
P(1) -D. Zimmerman
Totals (84)             16           21          17          30*** (8 RS)

*-has had a Redshirt year

-Jake Nicolopulos does not count towards the class, nor does Stanley Hunter or JK Jay.

-13 Seniors will leave in 2011, with Clear and Rollins leaving.. I expect one or two guys to not be here in Fall, and possibly lose Thompson or Bowers to the NFL early. Walk-ons are not guaranteed scholarships in Fall, so maybe someone will graduate or go off. I could see Clemson signing up to 22 in 2011, though the number given by Dabo/Scott is "around 18" at the moment.

-Clemson's official roster is here, please let me know if I've miscounted or made a mistake.

-April 28 Update, Ricky Chaney will attend Hutchinson Junior College in 2010, he is removed and the numbers readjusted.

-June 3rd Update, Jamie Cumbie has been kicked off the team. I have removed him. Evan McKelvey has committed but we are unsure if he will enroll in August. I have placed an asterisk by his name and the count.

-August 9th Update - John Wright added to DL, walk-on. Tyler Fowler added to OL. M. Bryant removed. E. McKelvey and C. Crawford are pending.

I have also removed Darrell Smith and put him at TE.

-Aug 16th Update - Dabo said Daniel Barnes and Brock Henderson, both walk-ons, are now on scholarship for fall.