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Preview and Game Thread for Clemson @ Virginia Tech

Clemson Tigers (16-6, 4-4) @ Virginia Tech Hokies (17-4, 4-3)

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When: 4PM on Raycom

Virginia Tech is coming off a 74-70 win at home vs UNC and will have only one day's rest from a high-paced game. Clemson has had a whole week off, so this certainly is scheduling advantage for us. Virginia Tech should be hoping the game is postponed, but with both teams present in Blacksburg already, I cannot see it being delayed more than one day, if at all.

"So we needed to either bus up yesterday or fly, I asked them to try to track down a plane, and after a couple of hours they did. Usually with an ACC game, if the teams are here they're going to play the game," Purnell said. "That's just been my experience over the last seven years that they're going to get the game in as long as the teams are there, and as long as there's no threat to the safety of the team traveling in. And we're here."

Demontez Stitt should be available. He practiced lightly as this week wore on, going half-speed today. Purnell hopes for 15 minutes out of him, which will certainly help take some pressure off Andre Young, who played 37 minutes last weekend against Maryland. This means we'll be able to run the Press a little more than we have recently.

Virginia Tech is led offensively by Guards Malcolm Delaney (19.8ppg, 4.2 asst/gm) and Dorenzo Hudson (13ppg) along with Forward Jeff Allen (11.3ppg, 7.6 reb/gm). Good guards give us big trouble offensively, so be thankful we have Stitt in the game. They don't turn the ball over that much, though Delaney averages near 3 a game. They rebound basically the same as Clemson, but shoot a little worse. Other than that, we're not very different teams statistically. Their defense has been pretty good this year, though I wouldnt say they are as good as Clemson defensively, they force 3 fewer steals per game but do force other turnovers.

Statistical Comparisons