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Thursday Excitement

I know I am sharing some incomplete tid bits this week, but a lot has gone on that didn't need to be fully supported with a complete article yet.  Anyway, here are some thoughts on yesterday and what we are looking for going into the weekend.

  • Clemson's recruiting class had little surprises.  We got (IMO) a good class overall.  We had some shortcomings getting numbers (LB and OL) and hit home runs in other areas (DB's).  Signing Parker was critical, as missing him would have really effed us up at an already thin/weak position on this football team.  Props to the staff for staying after him and getting him on-board in this class.  Otherwise, we have some great skills position talent coming in that we will discuss later on in either a recruiting assessment or will address the new guys during our position analysis (a lot of the reason for pushing the '09 analysis back was to include the newcomers in any '10 projections)
  • The whole Allen story is really strange and has a lot of twists and turns.  I am of the opinion of the Bammer board as well as other folks in thinkin things may not be quite on the up and up.  I have even seen some Cal fan boards making light of the situation.  Clemson not getting Allen may have saved this program a lot of headache and I really wouldn't be surprised if the NCAA doesn't probe into this one at some point.
  • You will see a lot of us closing the books on 2009 and looking forward to '10 football here from us over the next few weeks.  NSD along with schedule releases and such will give us a springboard to the future.  This point in time also signifies the end of the "Dabo grace period".  While we are committed to giving Swinney three seasons to create a full body of work, the inexperience excuse will not be tolerated around here, particularly for catastrophic failures.  That being said, good luck to the players and coaches in preparing for the 2010 season.
  • Tonight, North Carolina faces our opponent for Saturday night, Virginia Tech.  If you haven't seen much of the Hokies this season, you may want to check some of this one out to get a feel for how we will stack up Saturday (game is a split on Raycom, so if you don't get it in your area, you can stream it at

Go Tigers! and have a good one.