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Friday News & links

UGA 1980 - Don't throw the football Danny


  • We'll have evaluations of the OL and DL coming up next week, but yesterday Brad Scott indicated that the starting OL going into spring would be Hairston, David Smith, Freeman, McClain, and Walker. Phil Price is up to 280lbs. and working out at 2-RT behind Walker, while RS Fr. Brandon Thomas is at 2-LT as we suspected. Obviously, Brad doesnt want anyone to come in and push Walker so he doesnt take this spring "off" like last year. With Cloy out though, the choices at 1st team LG would be stuck with Norris, Sanders, and K. Davis. I would think Norris could be pushed into it at LG, but I guess they want to roll him out with the 2's at RG.
  • Greg Wallace has a piece up on the interviews here.
  • Spring Practice opens March 7 at 3:30. We dont know yet whats open to the public. The Spring game is April 10 at 4pm.
  • This weekend is Clemson's first big on-campus Junior Day. Around 27 prospects are scheduled to be here starting Saturday morning and ending after the basketball game. This is a critical weekend for many of the players we will be chasing for 2011. I won't go into the whole list because I don't care to cover recruiting until January, unless we get a big commitment. I'm still hoping a couple of these guys do commit this weekend.


  • Baseball opens today at 4pm at Tiger Field against Miami (OH). You should be able to listen live on Casey Harman will start. Greg Wallace has another piece on that one. Saturday will be at Fluor Field in Gville against Michigan State at 1pm (basketball is at 4), and Sunday will be against Furman at 2pm. Weismann will start MSU and RS Fr. Kevin Brady will be up against Furman. Jack plans to run out alot of guys to get the jitters out this weekend.
  • Sawchik talks about the pitching woes here. McGranahan talks about Catcher John Nester and his battle with Pohl last year. Cris Ard writes about incoming 1B Richie Shaffer and the role he has to fill this season for us to be competitive, while LW talks about the outlook for the team.
  • CUAD official preview for the weekend is here.
  • Plyler's season preview, which is hardly any different from anyone else's, is here.
  • The College Baseball Blog, one of a few that does a good job, has a weekend ACC Preview


  • GNews has a piece up on how Andre Young has picked up his game since Stitt went down, and now is becoming more of a threat.