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Clemson defeats FSU 77-67, despite fans disinterest

What an ugly, ugly game. There was no flow to it at all, either from FSU not being able to sink a shot (25% 1st half) at all, or the Referees calling every single touch foul they possibly could.

FSU plays hardly any better offensively than Clemson does, they rely on their NBA-level size to score points. They need better Guard play just like we do. They need Toney Douglas as bad as we need K.C. Rivers. Clemson relies on the inside-out game to Booker to set things up, but neither runs much of an offense. When FSU broke the press, they simply lost their shot. They had several early in the game that were uncontested, and then couldnt get the offensive rebound to get a putback.

I'd call this one a slugfest between two equally terrible, yet defensively dominant, offensive teams. Whoever get the hot hand would win it, and thankfully David Potter continued his return to varsity-level play. It was a game Clemson desperately needed to win, and we got it.

What was really disappointing to me was how many of you stayed home. You would rearrange your schedule for a midweek Duke game? or Boston College? but wouldn't show up for FSU. If you want Littlejohn to be the toughest place to play in the ACC, then you have to at least show up. I completely understand that some of us have other things going on and that some just cannot be there, but you bought the ticket, so give it to someone who can go. Don't sit at home on your ass and watch it on TV when you live 30 minutes from campus. To the college students, you will regret it when not able to get in when youre out of school, when you move far away from Clemson or have a job that requires you to be up at 5am. I know maybe 200 of the 12-13,000 might have an exam, but its not mid-terms yet, and the rest of you need to get to the game. Theres no excuse for the student section to be half-empty. I went to all of them and passed my exams when we royally sucked ass under Shyatt, go to the game.

The school listed the game as a sellout with 10,000 tickets sold, but that number appeared to include approximately 3,000 seats unencumbered by bodies. Somebody said fans don't like to come out when it's cold and at the start of the game, both Clemson and Florida State seemed to be playing as if they didn't want to be out on this Wednesday night, either. (source)

Back to the game:

  • Just an outstanding game by David Potter. 19 points, 4/5 from 3, and 7 rebounds. The last two games have been considerably better for him. He says he's trying to become more aggressive.
  • Potter has come nearly as far as Tanner Smith has regressed unfortunately. His stats have been on the downtrend for the last month. Since the first Boston College game, he has yet to shoot over 38% FG, and hasn't hit more than one 3 since Georgia Tech. His turnovers have come up to 3 per game since NC State. He also seems to consistently commit one stupid foul far away from the basket, attempt to drive the lane and turn it over horribly, and throw up an airball from the arc once per game. 2 points last night.
  • Trevor Booker had to have an IV before the game. 13, 10, and 7 points in his last 3 games. He only took 6 shots last night, and pulled only 4 rebounds. Devin picked up some slack with a career night offensively, putting up 14, but he only pulled 2 rebounds.
  • With Stitt still looking tentative on penetration, Andre Young took the initiative on the dribble drive, and put up 19 points with 3 3-pointers and 5 assists to go with 3 steals. He turned it back over 4 times though.
  • Clemson shot 29/38, 76% from the FT line. Now if we could've done so well against VT....
  • Clemson limited FSU to 37.9% shooting, 6/22 from 3, and won the rebounding battle 38-33. Not a single FSU player had more than 5 boards.
  • Turnovers: FSU 15, Clemson 17.