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Don't Focus On Results, You'll Just Be Miserable...

Dabo Gump
Dabo Gump

Clemson's first losing season since 1998 (3-8) and only our 3rd losing season since 1976 ended this afternoon in a horrific display against USF. Remember though, if you're against Dabo now, you're one of the crazy 5% and you shouldn't focus on results, so stop quacking or you'll just be miserable. Got it? year after winning the Atlantic. 6-7 is unacceptable, and yet I don't see them changing one damn thing with the staff unless someone jumps ship of his own accord. They would not fire TDP for hiring these people, and Barker, who did a poor job of oversight, isn't going anywhere either. There is no accountability at Clemson University. And do you want to think about next season with what we're losing? You can't sit around and do nothing now, and the only thing they are going to do is ask for more of our money. Do you want TDP picking the next Coach? Do you want to fire the AD and HC at the same time and have to search for both, and then hold the next AD responsible for the HC's performance? My answer is a definite "no" to both questions.

Clemson had 15 allowed bowl practices and squandered them all. Thats 3 weeks of practice. Any of you who have coached and/or played knows one thing: You practice like you play, and you play like you practice. If you play like shit consistently, then you aren't getting it done in practice. Coaches don't have full control over a game, but they do have full control of practice. Our offense was no better in this game than it was against Boston College....not in any one sector.

Our defense got pushed around, they didn't tackle that well and were poor in coverage and on screens they see every day in practice. I will not be very hard on them (until the film review) because they were put in terrible positions again by the offense, but they did not play to the level they have been playing. I was highly disappointed in the success of the pass rush at times, and penetration overall. I don't think they were mentally and emotionally present, and I can't blame them.

Kyle Parker made bad decisions, and his fundamentals are NOT there. On 3 plays to start our scoring drive at the end of the 1st, it was plainly evident. 1st pass was underthrown: front leg heavy and planted, no weight transfer. 2nd pass showed his typical happy feet, and he never planted at all to throw. The 3rd was a back foot throw to the flats that had no zip or accuracy as a result. The 4th was a good play to find a wide open Marquan Jones, but this one set of plays is a microcosm of his season and it shows he has not been coached well. Is it his fault or Napier's that he does these things and continually throws across his body? I'd say both, because he wouldn't play for me if he didn't listen to what I told him to do.

Tajh Boyd didn't play well until the very end of the game, showing that he needs experience. At the end of the game Tajh did what he could, which was hit our one and only WR. Thats a positive that you'll have to take into next season. One could also argue that USF took it easy and gave up points to us in garbage minutes as well.

The only bright spot I take from the 2nd half of this season on offense as a whole is the emergence of DeAndre Hopkins. The rest of these WRs have done nothing whatsoever. Who else noticed the difference between the effort level of USF's WRs in blocking for screens compared to ours? Jaron Brown flat out missed two on consecutive plays, and one was almost intercepted. On the very next drive, USF screened us with the same plays and moved the ball down the field. 

Our OL got dominated inside again by a line that I feel is talented, but that could've been pushed around as a whole by our front. They were gassed at the end, why? They weren't on the field long enough to be tired. The RBs have done nothing, as the Skirt regressed to his usual self (20 carries-34 yds), and McD disappeared. This staff believes the true freshmen recruits will come in and fix it all. Does anyone really put that much faith in true freshmen to fix a 6-7 cluster?

Sorry Dabo, I watch the tape, you cannot outrecruit incompetent coaching. Not one member of the offensive staff deserves to keep his job based on the offensive performance. You tried to out-cute a team today that you should be able to line up and pound it against. Players have regressed and their fundamentals are sorely lacking. The only thing I see different from Tom Bowden's years is that the team doesnt roll over and die when the opponent punches them in the mouth. How do you explain to us that you need 3 years to complete the "oil change"? This clunker deserves to be scrapped for a new corvette, and everybody at the dealership should get shown the door.