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Clemson vs College of Charleston Gamethread

Clemson faces a pretty good College of Charleston team tonight. C of C is 8-3 on the year. Their 3 losses: @ Maryland by 1, Rhode Island by 9, and @ UNC by 5. This figures to be a very competitive game. C of C is led by an outstanding player in Andrew Goudelock Goudelock averages nearly 24 ppg. If Clemson can force him into tough shots, I like our chance. If he gets open looks, I expect to lose.

I'm excited to see if this team has developed since their last 2 scrimmages. Like most half court offenses, Clemson should work from the inside-out. I want to see Grant and Booker get some touches down low and try to impose their will. If this happens, it will open up lanes for cutters and open shots for Andre Young.

I'm expecting a good effort tonight, as Clemson's players should know that the Cougars are no slouch. I'm going to be optimistic and say that Clemson plays a good all-around game and wins a close one.


Clemson 71

C of C 67